In danger of extinction?: the category ‘Cumbia-vallenato’ could disappear from the Latin Grammy Awards

Every year, within Latin Grammy Awards, accordion music, the one that emerged in the ranches of Alta Guajira among the workers of the region and that became cultural and intangible heritage according to UNESCO, is recognized through the category ‘Cumbia-vallenato’, which, Generally, it awards national artists.

However, and despite the exaltation that the Academy does annually to this Colombian genre, there is concern about the continuity of this category in the next edition of the awards, because according to a spokesman, there are very few artists and works registered musicals.

Likewise, the Latin Grammy official regretted that the opportunity to access this nomination was wasted, which, under the gloomy panorama, ‘Cumbia-vallenato’ could even enter extinction.

Losing the category for the highest recognition of the highest award in international music would be devastating and irreparable. Keeping the Cumbia Vallenato category alive is in our hands”, explained the spokesperson for the awards. And it is that, contrary to what one might think, many vallenatera samples have come out after the death of the ‘Goldfinch of America’, Jorge Oñate. In addition to that, there is great expectation for the launch of the Vallenato Legend Festival in its 55th edition.

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Now the question is How to register to keep this category alive at the Academy Awards? Well, the applications. They close next Friday April 29and all artists whose works have been recorded and published between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022, the date on which the songs must be uploaded on digital platforms, can register.

Another requirement is that at least five singles that have been released on compact disc -CD- must be collected, and in that order, to save the representation of vallenato at the Grammy Awards it is necessary to exceed the figure of 25 registered albums.

It is worth mentioning that, not only the category itself managed to make history in the vallenato genre within the Latin Grammys, because in its first edition -2006- the winners were Los Hermanos Zuleta for their record work ‘Cien dias de bohemia’ .

In the 2007 edition, the winners in this category were Jorge Celedón and Jimmy Zambrano for the production ‘Son para el mundo’, surpassing great names like Alfredo Gutiérrez -The greatest with the greats-; the Golden Binomial of America -Unpredictable- and Checho Acosta -Checazos de Carnaval 3-.

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The latest winners in this category

In the 2021 edition the winner was the born in Urumita, Cesar, Silvestre Dangond for his album ‘Las locos mías’; while in 2020 Jorge Celedón won again, but this time alongside accordion player Sergio Luis Rodríguez. Both postulated the disk ‘I keep singing to love’and in 2019, they surprised Puerto Candelaria and Juancho Valencia with his work ‘My name is cumbia’.

The group had surpassed Diego Daza and Carlos Rueda with ‘Esto que dice’; Juan Piña with ‘For my teachers with respect’; and Checo Acosta with his album ‘Checo Acosta 30’, live version.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the delivery of the Latin Grammy Awards will take place in November in Las Vegas, United States.


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In danger of extinction?: the category ‘Cumbia-vallenato’ could disappear from the Latin Grammy Awards