INTERVIEW: After winning the Latin Grammy in 2021, the Dos Carnales give “La Propina”

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Miami, Sep 9 (EFE).- Piñatas with their faces, theme parties, unusual invitations and millions of audio and video reproductions make up the reality celebrated by the Mexican group Los Dos Carnales, one of the leaders of norteño music and winner of a Latin Grammy in 2021. However, according to what its members told Efe, “the real challenge comes now.”

“We’ve been in this since we were kids, but since we formally started in 2018, things have picked up incredible speed, and after winning the Latin Grammy much more,” said Alfonso “Poncho” Quezada, who with his brother Imanol forms the core of the group, which even inspires its followers to go to concerts dressed like them.

That speed has Los Dos Carnales today presenting their song “La Propina”, the fourth single they have released this year, and the album “Corridos para braves”, which will be out in two weeks, “full of Mexican music classics and two new songs”, explained Imanol.

The musical avalanche responds to the impulse that the Latin Grammy “given” them.

“It is not that we are working harder to win another award, although it is always appreciated, but we do want to improve ourselves. That is the real competition: with what we have already done,” said Poncho. He emphasized that having the award for “best norteño music album” from the Latin Recording Academy has put “extra pressure” on them.


Although the group is called “Los Dos Carnales” (brothers), in reality “we are five carnals”, explained the Quezada brothers when highlighting the essential work of bassist Armando Hernández, drummer Kevin Montemayor and Alberto Pariente. The latter joined the band more than a year ago to support the relationship with the public on stage.

“We began to have so much demand that I was running out of voice,” admitted Poncho, who acts as the leader of the group, sings, plays the sixth bass and composes many of the new songs. “La Propina”, for example, is one of them.

“It is dedicated to the envious”, indicated its composer and performer, and it just sounds like the continuation of “El Envidioso”, a 2020 theme that made the name of the group known to lovers of regional Mexican music.

The verse that says “Remember that Kiko envied Chavo and had nothing”, alluding to the Mexican television series “El Chavo”, is the most shouted during his presentations and the image of the characters is part of any Los Angeles themed party. Two Carnal.

“It’s amazing how people identified with that and many times they ask me who we dedicate them to, but they are not written for anyone in particular. What happens is that you do feel ‘Remember that Kiko envied Chavo and he had nothing’, that many people do not understand the effort behind success, that they do not understand that one can be going through a bad time and be serious ” explained the composer.

Las Vegas (United States), 11/19/2021.- Los Dos Carnales arrive on the red carpet during the 22nd annual Latin Grammy Awards ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 18 November 2021. The Latin Grammys recognize artistic and/or technical achievement, not sales figures or chart positions, and the winners are determined by the votes of their peers – the qualified voting members of the Latin Recording Academy. (United States) EFE/EPA/NINA PROMMER

Los Dos Carnales still have no plans to make an album with “La Propina”, “Noré Estaré Aqui”, “Los Caminos de la Vida” and “Mi Jefe”, the singles they have released this year. The next album will be a second compilation of boleros.

“For us, the fact that the new generations know the music of the past is very important. For this reason, many of our albums have been compilations of classics that we modernized. That is why we wear the northern hat from before (with the highest cup) and we celebrate those who came before us”, said Imanol.


When they won the Latin Grammy, the Quezada brothers shouted “Arriba Coahuila!” in honor of the Mexican state where they were born. It is something that they are excited to say in their presentations. The further they are from their hometown of San Pedro de las Colonias, the greater that emotion.

With the help of “important allies”, among which the Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo and an “army of fans” stood out, they are preparing a series of concerts in Chile, returning to Colombia and touring the United States.

“We did the job by showing up at graduations, quinceañeras, birthdays, weddings and even divorce parties before they even took us into account. It has been a long journey and we greatly appreciate the support you give us. Everything we do is with gratitude to the fans”, Poncho stressed.

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INTERVIEW: After winning the Latin Grammy in 2021, the Dos Carnales give “La Propina”