Interview with Cuban pianist Glenda del E, nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022: “I already feel like a winner”

Glenda del Monte Escalantebetter known as glenda del e, is a nominee for the next edition of the Latin Grammy. A Latin music festival to be held on November 17 in Las Vegas and in which the Cuban pianist, singer and composer competes in the ‘Best Instrumental Album’ category with a very special album titled Shein which he shares credits with the Venezuelan violinist Daniela Padrón.

Born into a family of musicians, the Cuban artist remembers her childhood between rehearsals, activities and shows of her parents. “My favorite toys were a piano, a flute, a marimba, and I played recording my voice and other sounds on a little tape recorder,” she confesses to CyberCuba.

It was at the age of seven when he began his studies at the elementary school of music “Paulita Concepción”, where he studied piano. Currently, she could not be happier and more excited to be one of the nominees for this year’s Latin Grammy Awards. A recognition by itself with which she already feels like a winner.

On what this nomination means to her, how her album was born She along with Daniela Padrón and about Cuban music, Glenda del E talks to us in an interview that she gave to CyberCuba.

Before talking about this Latin Grammy nomination and the album She Could you tell us when your passion for music was born?

The passion for music I think has always been there, obviously, as a child, you are not aware of it, but I did feel that this was the place that made me happy: my school, my teachers, friends and classmates with whom I shared not only school activities, but parties and those moments when, as a big family, we supported and admired each other. That friendship and complicity still continues. I think all this sums up my passion for music, and I would like to sum it up with a well-known quote from Friedrich Nietzsche: “Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Congratulations on the Latin Grammy nomination! You compete in the category ‘Best Instrumental Album’. How you feel? How do you receive this nomination?

I feel blessed and very happy for this great recognition of the most important event in Latin music, where your own colleagues select the nominees and winners.

I already feel like a winner. Being nominated is my gratitude to the universe of music, to what we dream of achieving in this incomparable and beautiful path.

For this edition they are several Cuban artists who are nominated for awardswhat do you think about the Cuban music that is made inside and outside the Island?

Music and art in general reflect the environment of the place where they are generated, although your roots, your essence and your identity are always present.

What is undeniable is the musical development that Cuban musicians have always maintained, whether inside or outside the Island, and proof of this is the number of nominations at the Latin Grammys.

Cuban music, through time, has always been recognized for its variety of rhythms and musical genres worldwide with great exponents, influencing jazz and other musical genres.

She It is a tribute to Latin American female composers, and you do it alongside another woman, the Venezuelan violinist Daniela Padrón. What does it mean to you to have created this album inspired by women and made by two female musicians?

The album She is a great tribute to Latin American female composers, some prominent and others, who on many occasions have remained anonymous, some of their works being attributed to men and also from the shadows, being the authors of certain compositions, but registered in the name of important personalities of the musical field. They are the muses of the album.

Upon receiving the proposal for this magnificent project, Daniela and I, even with our time tight, said: ‘This is a great challenge, but we have to do it!’ And so, initially we worked individually, exchanging ideas, in the early mornings I worked on the arrangements, because in most cases, they were songs with lyrics, very popular that when they were taken to the instrumental version and in this case for piano and violin the most important thing was that they maintain their essence.

I don’t like labeling myself as a “musician woman”, it’s something to overcome, I think that both women and men, we are “musicians” period. As we know, there are still many taboos in this regard, but yes, I am very proud to be part of this recognition of Latin American female composers. In addition, I think that it is also a great window that opens to the different roles that women play in the industry. of entertainment and music, either as composers, recording and sound engineers, producers, etc.

I want to thank the excellent violinist Daniela Padrón, from Venezuela, with whom, from minute one, incredible magic was achieved, together with Larry Coll, producer, creator of this magnificent project. Also, to Julio Bagué, producer, for his constant enthusiasm, and to Alfonso Ordoñez, recording engineer, for his creativity, magic and exquisiteness. To Oleta Music and PeerMusic.

How did the possibility of making this album arise?

Larry Coll, one of the album’s producers, told Daniela about the possibility of getting together on an album dedicated to Latin American women. After creating a WhatsApp group, to which our producer Julio Bague joined, we had an audio meeting about possible themes with composers belonging to the PeerMusic catalogue. We chose the songs, we began to work on the arrangements, until the recording process began with our beloved Alfonso Ordóñez. All in record time.

Could the album be defined in three words? She?

Magic, Inspiration, Strength.

You are part of Alejandro Sanz’s band, how did you come to work with him?

Living for two years in New York, through the networks, I met a keyboardist who knew that Michael Ciro, musical director of Alejandro Sanz, was looking for female musicians for the band. After casting for several weeks, he is welcomed into the band to be part of the “Sirope” tour.

To my surprise, my song “New Habana” was the intro to “Labana”, a song by Alejandro Sanz dedicated to my hometown throughout the tour. Composition found in our album today She nominated.

After having made this album, what projects do you have?

In addition to my project with my band Q-ban Mixology, I continue to compose and prepare repertoire for recording. As CEO of GlendAcademy, I teach master classes in universities, collegesetc., online classes, in my private studio and independent programs.

In Myself Web page in the GlendAcademy section for those who register they receive piano courses, as well as my Cuban Heritage Series book collection. I am also part of the Staff of Instructors of Art House Academy & Abbey Road Institute Miami directed by Julio Reyes Copello.

We wish you the best of luck and congratulations on the nomination! We will be waiting for the prizes.

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Interview with Cuban pianist Glenda del E, nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022: “I already feel like a winner”