Interview with Mike Mangini from Dream Theater: “The Grammy is for collective work, that’s why I’m so happy”

One of the most anticipated concerts for lovers of progressive metal arrives tomorrow in Madrid, at the Palacio de Vistalegre, with the visit of Dream Theater, who began their European tour in Bealfast on April 20 and arrive in a state of form and excellent mood. Showing off his new work ‘A View From The Top Of The World’, and proudly displaying his first Grammy for best metal performance for the song “The Alien”, which will be played in Madrid.

Dream Theater’s drummer, Mike Mangini, attended RockFM to talk about all these issues and, of course, about the pandemic and everything it has meant for them, since what they have missed most in these months of pandemic has been “work, they canceled our shows on several continents when we were ready to go, so when they take that away from you it’s terrible.“Although the concerts suffered this setback, they have worked in the studios that they have created themselves, DTHQ (Dream Theater Headquarters), where they have recorded their album all together, except for James LaBrie, who had to record from Canada for reasons of mobility due to COVID protocols, Mangini was delighted to thus inaugurate those studies and remembers that his first words were: “we’re going to go into that room and we’re going to play like we’re 18 and our only goal is to have fun.

At the beginning of the year Dream Theater won the first Grammy of his career for “The Alien”the theme that opens the new album and that won the award for best metal interpretation, Mangini was proud of the recognition and pointed out that “this is an award for the five members, because the award is for the best performance, it is not that someone likes the song or not, but they recognize that the performance is worthy of this award.” The work is a great opportunity to listen to the evolution of Dream Theater and Mangini assured that “this album is explosive from the first second to the end.

Concert at the Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid, tomorrow, April 30

As for the details of tomorrow’s concert in Spain, he assured that “this particular show is the most powerful we’ve ever done because of the way we feel. The new material is very difficult to play and make it have groove and, at the same time, being powerful is very complicated“; as for the repertoire that they have planned for this Saturday, they will combine part of their classics with themes from the new work, in this regard, Mangini affirmed that “the show has acquired its own personality, and it is what we offer, we cannot change songs because each song is chosen to tell a story between the old and the new materiall. We feel very powerful with this show.”

Spain has always treated Dream Theater in a very special way, where they have a legion of fans, which is why Mangini confirms that it has “I really want to get to Madrid, because we will play the concert and I will have a delicious wine, some tapas, and I will see many beautiful people”, according to the drummer, what most attracts him to our country is that “it is an experience, what I like the most is that Spain is SpainWhen I go there I don’t want Spain to try to be America or any other country that it isn’t, it’s unique, the warm weather, combined with the food, the way people dress… I just love it.

When asked how he would convince those who feel hesitant to go to the concert on Saturday, Mangini wanted to clarify that “I want them to go because they want to go, we are going to have a great time, look at the smile on my face. We’ve put a lot of thought into every note we play every night, we’ll be so happy for everyone who’s there. It’s a very special night for us, and that’s what we want to give every night. What I have to say to the public in Madrid is “Hey, come, don’t watch it on YouTube” there you can’t feel what you’re going to feel at the concert, you’re going to see us giving it our all. If you are interested in an experience, you already know that there will be five guys on stage giving everything for you.

Saturday’s concert in Madrid will be the only one that, for the moment, they will have in our country, since a few days ago we learned that, for logistical reasons, they had to suspend the concert they had planned the next day in Bilbao, yes, those who have the ticket for Bilbao and want to attend the concert in Madrid will be able to exchange it without any problem or ask for a refund.

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Interview with Mike Mangini from Dream Theater: “The Grammy is for collective work, that’s why I’m so happy”