J Balvin vs. Resident: The true story of the fight between the interpreters

One of the most resounding rivalries of recent times. The conflict between J Balvin and Residente has transcended the world of music and more and more people are wondering what the true story is behind the fight between the singers. Here we tell you the reasons.

Although the scandal seems to have been left behind, or at least it is no longer as controversial as it used to be a few months ago, something latent from the crossing remained and nothing will ever be the same again.

On March 3 of this year, Bizarre launched their collaboration with the presence of Residente. From there, a great controversy exploded between the Puerto Rican and the Colombian that had been coming from before.

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Latin Grammys 2021, the first cross between J Balvin and Residente

The Latin Grammys 2021 They were the first stone of the stumbling block. Back then, Jose Alvaro Osorio (J Balvin’s first name) proposed a massive boycott as a sign of protest because artists of the urban genre were not valued by the organization.

But that attitude did not sit well with him. Rene Perez (Resident’s first name), who went out to the intersection and considered it disrespectful because in addition Ruben Bladesone of the most important artists in the history of Central American music, would receive a tribute.

and even his own Resident compared the Colombian’s music with junk food: “It’s like a hot dog cart, which many people may like or almost everyone. But when those people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant.”

Hot dog, J Balvin's marketing strategy.

Hot dog, J Balvin’s marketing strategy.


When everything seemed to be forgotten, J Balvin He had a great marketing stunt: he launched a line of products and clothing with hot dog designs. Everything bloomed again.

BZRP Music Sessions 49, the trigger for the conflict

Until March of this year the dispute between the two was public but it did not have the repercussion that it later had. The BZRP Music Sessions 49 It was, one can say, a before and after for the relationship between the singers.

Days prior to the publication of the song, the former 13TH Street He said that the Colombian tried by all means to prevent the launch. Although it was not successful.

The topic was published and is 8 minutes long, most of which contains enigmatic messages against J Balvin. Less than 24 hours after it was published, the song had already collected more than 22 million views. After 2 months, collect more than 95 million. Simply incredible.

The true story of the fight between J Balvin and Resident


Residente did not hesitate to reaffirm his rivalry with J Balvin at Vive Latino 2022, because during his presentation he took the opportunity to send him a message.

Racist, cowardly and presumptuous are the main accusations by Residente towards J Balvin on the subject. The fight generated multiple reactions and in the Vive Latino 2022 the Puerto Rican attacked again. So far that was the last big lawsuit between the two. To be continue?

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J Balvin vs. Resident: The true story of the fight between the interpreters