Jesse & Joy remembered the day they received their first Grammy and the emotion of their late dad

The brothers Jesse & Joy have accumulated a career full of successes, good music and awards. Jesse Eduardo Huerta Uecke, born in 1982, and Joy Tirsa Huerta Uecke, born in 1986, both in Mexico City, grew up in a Christian family and were raised with the rigor of two pastor parents.

The death of their father, Eduardo Huerta, is one of the most complex moments they have experienced so far. They talked about the subject in an interview with the journalist Yordi Rosado.

The father of the two artists died 10 years ago and their mother, an American, moved to Mexico 40 years ago.

His father was an evangelical Christian and they grew up seeing how he helped people with problems, even above his family. “He loves helping people, even more than his family,” they said during the conversation in which Jesse had a shot of tequila and Joy a tea.

“We did not have a perfect family (…) My dad fought with many internal demons (…) I think that in the end something good was left to us like integrity,” Joy confessed, pointing out that there were incongruous things such as the leaving them alone many times as children to help others with their problems.

“Dad and mom dedicated their lives to the church, they dedicated their lives to helping, but they took us everywhere, I failed a year for absences (…) Sometimes they left us alone.”

“My dad brought us good things within his extremism, which was for having been in the eye of the church (…) We both had belts,” Jesse said.

Thanks to their father they grew up listening to great Mexican artists.

“My dad loved Panchos, Pedro Infante. Our father was such a fan of Pedro Infante that he told us that he was our grandfather, and we said at school that our grandfather was Pedro Infante, ”they recounted, reviving the laughter that this caused in their classmates and teachers.

Jesse started out playing drums in church. He was about 7 years old and he told his dad that he wanted to play drums. He saw his sister singing alone in his room. He sang to her toys.

“I didn’t like to share my voice, I felt it was so intimate, so personal,” recalled Joy, who confesses that she was born with a very privileged ear.

“Dad was our harshest critic”

“Dad was our harshest critic and every time we finished he gave us his opinions. Our dad came with us to our first time at the Grammys,” they recounted through tears.

“I gave my dad a watch that they gave us at the Grammys,” Jesse said.

Jesse commented that his dad would have loved to see them in Viña del Mar, Chile.

“The stage that I would have liked for dad to see us was Viña del Mar and literally we played a few months after losing it, we knew that dad from heaven was giving us a wink.”

Mr. Eduardo Huerta lived for 30 years with diabetes.

He died suddenly while on the street. The brothers were then taking a separate vacation after three years on tour, and Jesse would take them to see Disney, while Joy had traveled to the United States for Christmas.

“He was on the street and to this day we don’t know exactly what it was, it was sudden, he literally dropped dead.”

A man on the other end of the phone told them that their father had just had an accident. Jesse mounted his children and his wife, along with his mother, and they ran in the car to the place where his father lay dead.

“Mom desperately hit the car seat, it was Friday, we blew 15 traffic lights,” he recalled through tears.

“Your dad had a shock”…

When they arrived, their father’s body had been cordoned off with some advertising posters.

But despite the hardness of the moment, Jesse confessed that he felt peace because somehow his father’s wish for a quick death without suffering was fulfilled.

“My dad had a smile and I thought dad you got away with it, it was quick…”.

How do I tell my little sister that dad is gone? Was one of the questions she asked herself.

“My joy is that dad is no longer here, it was the only way I could think of… He died.” The moment is remembered by both brothers overwhelmed by tears.

“Dad always said that when he left we should celebrate because he would go to that place that he presumed so much (…) Within the sadness and pain that death is, we celebrate him for what his life was.”

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Jesse & Joy remembered the day they received their first Grammy and the emotion of their late dad