Jorge Celedón surprised children and inhabitants of his native land at Christmas

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Jorge Celedon joined the artists who wanted to surprise their community of followers in the Christmas day and that is why he prepared a tremendous surprise for the inhabitants of the municipality of Villanueva, La Guajira, the land where he was born and was his inspiration since he was 12 years old, when he gained recognition among the Colombian public when he interpreted the hit ‘Drama provincial.

The appointment was in the main Park of Villanueva, where more than 2,000 families decided to spend their Christmas Eve with the artist, who in addition to sharing words of gratitude and singing some of his best songs, gave more than 600 gifts to brighten the moment to the children of the region that, like him in his childhood, they play and grow up in the streets of this town.

In fact, among the most emotional moments of the night, the presentation in honor of Jorge Celedón made by the children of the municipality’s music school, who see him as an example and inspiration, stood out.

“I am happy to be in Villanueva, thank you very much for this welcome and so many years of support. Like the prodigal son, I go home, “commented the Vallenato music singer, who returned to the country after a successful tour of Spain.


It is worth mentioning that these days the interpreter of ‘Four roses’ and ‘This life’ prepares to travel to the city of Cali, where he will make his respective presentation for the city’s fairs and he will end the year surrounded by his loved ones, totally grateful for a year of success and triumph in a personal and professional way.

In addition, he has not hesitated to say that 2022 will be full of musical surprises for the public that unconditionally accompanies him. In dialogue with La Red, for example, he stated that he will be available to venture into other musical aspects.

“I am delighted, because it is a genre that I like, I have good friends in the genre, I feel very well represented as Colombian and also, I have shared on many stages with some of them abroad and here in Colombia,” said Jorge Celedón , referring to the collaboration he made with the Chilean group Noche de Brujas and entitled ‘Come with me’.

Finally, the singer-songwriter mentioned the current moment Vallenata music is going through, since the ‘new wave’ has generated many comments, both positive and negative, and a debate has arisen around this issue, since the songs of now do not sound like before.

“In vallenato we have a generational change that has been taking place, we are in the process and well, I think that, an important party in Colombia that does not have vallenato, it is not a party, and as long as that happens, I feel good (…) I feel represented in Poncho Zuleta with the classic vallenato, in the teacher Iván Villazón, in short, in many who do classic vallenato, also those of the romantic are on stages every weekend with Nelson Velásquez and Jean Carlos Centeno”, He said in his conversation with ‘La red’, in which he also took Silvestre Dangond as an example, one of those who has generated the most opinions regarding the fusion of this genre with others.

Several of the examples are simple such as ‘Marry me’, ‘It doesn’t hurt anymore’ and ‘For a kiss from your mouth’, among others, which have been well received by many, but also criticized by others due to the change in air with respect to a success of Diomedes Díaz or Rafael Orozco.


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Jorge Celedón surprised children and inhabitants of his native land at Christmas