Jorge Drexler, about the 2022 Latin Grammys: “Rosalía told me: ‘Leave some for the others'”

One two Three… Seven Latin Grammy Awards I raise Jorge Drexler at the Latin music party held on Thursday, November 17 in Las Vegas.

The Uruguayan artist was, to his surprise, the big winner of the night and he talked about that this Wednesday with Eva Soriano and iggy rubin in Special bodies.

“Jackpots are highly coveted. They are prizes that in the industry are usually won by colleagues whose project is much more widespread than my project.the composer has said, that, except for the Album of the Year award that MOTOMAMI took from rosaliawon all the most important awards of the night.

“It was a bit of a surprise. I do not have the level of diffusion of any of those who were in the other lists. My feeling is that the public was waiting for one of their other favorite artists to win and that I spoiled their party”, confessed the Uruguayan, who began to notice bad looks in the last two awards.

“I had sitting next to rosalia and I said ‘Leave some for the others”he counted between laughs.

Two Latin Grammys 2022 with C. Tangana

Two of Jorge Drexler’s seven awards at the 2022 Latin Grammys were for the song Touch you, whose co-author is C. Tangana.

He couldn’t be at the ceremony but they spent the night texting each other. “I was at a concert in Bogotá. They couldn’t come because they had a concert the night before and the night after,” he said about the madrilenian who celebrated the award by sharing a video of the day they composed the song on Instagram Stories.

“It is a very nice video in which the four of us are. Pucho, Víctor Martínez, who collaborates with him, and my son Pablo”, he has told about the recording. “He is very enthusiastic, at one in the morning, the first listening we did and all very high, very happy because the song was done very quickly”, he says about the song composed in six hours.

Drexler says that working with C. Tangana, with whom he has two other Latin Grammys for Nominated Y Hong Kong, it’s always like that. “I think that the ratio we have of working hours and Grammys is the most unfavorable,” she added.

A speech in favor of urban music

Jorge Drexler thanked one of his seven awards with a speech in favor of urban music, a genre that he wanted to claim during the interview with Special bodies.

“That’s where it comes from the great music revolution that took the Spanish language to all parts of the world. That’s why I have a lot of respect for urban music artists”, said the Uruguayan, who wanted to make a special mention of Bad Bunny, the first Grammy nominee for an album in Spanish (a summer without you).

“For us to see the importance of urban music, one can like it more or less, but…”, added Drexler, who has insisted on valuing the Puerto Rican. “Personally Bad Bunny seems like a genius to me. Other things I don’t like, but Bad Bunny does.”

The performance of Jorge Drexler and Elvis Costello at the Latin Grammys

From the night of the Latin Grammys, they have commented Jorge Drexler’s performance with Elvis Costello. The British musician replaced C. Tangana to sing Touch you.

A very complex and highly rehearsed performance.

“It was all played live. Without a metronome. It was something very difficult to do,” he told about the performance, for which they rehearsed a lot. In Spain, in New York, three days in a row in Puerto Rico and then in Las Vegas. “To play that is very difficult”, added the singer, who has in this performance the musicians of his band, who also did a prepared choreography.

The musicians in the performance are the musicians who accompany Jorge Drexler on his tours. “It’s a privilege because everyone has their solo project, from Guinea Bissau to Argentina, Barcelona… Everywhere. I’m lucky that they leave their projects for a week to come with me,” added the singer, who in his list of upcoming concerts has several stops in Spain.

San Sebastian, Bilbao, Las Palmas and Madrid. On January 28, he performs at the Wizink Center to close his Spanish tour. “I have never played in a space like this in Spain, I really wanted to do something like this in Madrid because that’s where I live.”

The concert is now in the preparation phase and Jorge Drexler promises a surprise. They are still in the preparation phase, but he warns that in the old Palacio de los Deportes anything can happen.

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Jorge Drexler, about the 2022 Latin Grammys: “Rosalía told me: ‘Leave some for the others'”