Jorge Drexler returns to Peru after sweeping the Latin Grammy Awards

Jorge Drexler arrives in Lima in February.

Jorge Drexler, the recent big winner of the Latin Grammy Awards 2022confirmed his return to our country as part of his world tour, where he has been promoting his most recent production, ‘Ink and Time’. As it is remembered, the Uruguayan singer-songwriter took 7 awards at the ceremony, consecrating himself as the most awarded artist of the event.

The artist maintains a special connection with Peru. A bond that goes beyond his enjoyment of the pisco sour, or his desire to surf the Lima coastline on each visit. In love with Chabuca Granda’s verses, he considers her one of his favorite composers of all time.

In 2017, Jorge Drexler He participated in the tribute album ¨A Chabuca¨. Produced by Mabela Martinez and Susana Roca Rey, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Record of the Year category with the song “El Surco”. Later, on the centenary of Chabuca Granda (2020), she did not hesitate to put her voice in ¨Chabuca Limeña¨, a collective video of more than 30 artists from around the world where they performed the famous hymn that Manuel Alejandro created for our composer.

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Jorge Drexler arrives with a new and original show accompanied on stage by Borja Barrueta (drums), Meritxell Neddermann (keyboards and voices), Javier Calequi (guitar and voices), Carles “Campi” Campón (bass and programming), Alana Sinkëy and Miryam Latrece (voices). In addition to being able to enjoy the new repertoire, we will surely be able to listen to the usual favorites.

Jorge Drexler will set foot on Peruvian soil on February 23 for a single concert at the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater, organized by Sonidos del Mundo. The artist announced his return to our country and he does so with ink and timehis new album after almost five years of recording silence.

The pre-sale of tickets will be available until December 18 or until stocks last through Teleticket.


Tempt and Time: 375 (Sold Out)

Love of Art: 295 soles

Touch you: 159 soles


Tempt and Time: 469 soles

Love of Art: 369

Touch you: 199

Jorge Drexler concert ticket price.
Jorge Drexler concert ticket price.

This is his fourteenth studio album and it comes on the 30th anniversary of the release of his first album. Three decades of songs that continue to add to the Uruguayan’s imagination, which he stands out especially for the connection with the public in his concerts held all over the world.

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When Jorge Drexler began to create this album, he never thought of everything that would come after it. The first songs began to come out during the confinement, where uncertainty and difficulty had become commonplace. However, he managed to solve it by moving to a universe filled with light. That’s how it’s bornInk and Time’; a brilliant, generous, abundant work, destined to become an essential part of his repertoire. Recently, the artist has been awarded 7 Latin Grammy Awards, five of them for this latest album.


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Jorge Drexler returns to Peru after sweeping the Latin Grammy Awards