Jorge Luis Chacín, the Venezuelan behind the Latin Grammy nominations of Nodal, Christina Aguilera, Camilo and Carlos Vives – La Vibra

Christina Aguilera, Christian Nodal, Carlos Vives, Camilo and Kany García, are some of the artists with whom the Venezuelan, Jorge Luis Chacin, has worked in recent months composing songs for him. And this effort of creation and composition has paid off, because each one has won a nomination for the Latin Grammy 2022which will be held on November 17 in Las Vegas.

Jorge Luis Chacín assured that it has been “madness” to be nominated for different songs of different genres, since he competes against himself in one of the seven categories where he appears. “Being at that level of artists honors me a lot, first because I’m a fan of them, and being compared when you’re there among the top five means that your music has a level like theirs. I am very honored and grateful to the Academy and all the members who vote,” he said.

One of his challenges was to create songs from different genres such as tropical, regional Mexican and urban. In his intervention, the musician assured that these “(creative) processes do not happen alone” and stressed that his Venezuelan colleagues accompanied him in these projects. “I was able to sit with my colleague Yasmil Marrufo -also nominated for a Latin Grammy- which is a phenomenon (…) already when we sit together, we easily make a ranchera or a bachata, or American music. We have even made songs of the urban genre, for example, for CNCO, and with other people. It’s about being open and receptive to joining young people who have a fresh sound and you bring your experience to it, extraordinary things come out of it, ”he recounted.

In addition to his nomination for these songs, he is also recognized by the Academy thanks to his album ‘El Mundo está Loco’ as Best Contemporary Tropical Album. When he found out that day, through a Latin Grammy live, specifically at 9:15 am, he was moved to hear his name. “The beauty of all this is that whenever I do a job or a song for my audience, it’s thinking of them in some way. This award or nomination is also for the people who follow me and who believe in me”, he stated.

Angela Aguilar and Chiquis Rivera.

When deciding which song of the nominees was his favorite, he said that it was difficult to do it because each one is like his son. “Aguita e ‘Coco, which I did Yasmil and Kany is very tasty, very rich, but’ For my girls,’ I think it’s a super cool song”, she admitted. She confessed that with Marrufo she was able to create two musical pieces that compete in the same category.

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“Look at something curious, the two songs that are nominated, the day we did ‘Pa mis chicas’ was the same day we did ‘When I want’, the song by Christian Nodal and Christina (Aguilera). That day we made two songs and both were nominated. I love all of them because they are like my children and you cannot have a preference for your children. The rest we leave to God and let him decide what he has to do. I love all the songs and how they are from different genres, you don’t get bored,” he said.

His next projects and his new song with Bacilos

Regarding his next plans, he assured that he has more recordings of several songs, and of ‘Cuentacanciones’ -his current musical project-. “There is a Christmas album that I am finishing now, which is a gift that I am giving to my land, to all of you,” she indicated. “I’m going to give you a scoop, possibly it will be called, maybe I’ll change it, but it can be called ‘Alegría’, because that’s what I want to express through that album, it’s a very tasty and partying thing,” he revealed.

“I also want to continue writing for other projects, another album, other collaborations. I am talking with my manager and with my team to continue working with another colleague, ”she added. An example of this was the last song she released with Bacilos called ‘Ella witherita flores’ with Jorge Villamizar. “I admire him very much. He is a great composer, lyricist, he is incredible, and the desire to get together was so great that the song was beautiful, ”said Chacín.

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Jorge Luis Chacín, the Venezuelan behind the Latin Grammy nominations of Nodal, Christina Aguilera, Camilo and Carlos Vives – La Vibra