Juliana Velásquez, after her Latin Grammy, launches ‘Disaster Woman’

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“Have you ever felt that there is no room for you here? Have you ever believed that the world is better off if it doesn’t have you around? And sometimes it seems unattainable to have something nice to share and I am immersed in this false euphoria … “, is part of the song ‘Disaster Woman’ that Juliana Velásquez released on Wednesday, November 24 in conjunction with a visualizer, in which Santiago Jiménez Valencia worked as a director.

In turn, in her social networks the singer – highlighting the word disaster that stands out in the title of the song – realized that feelings of this nature are present in every human being and, in addition, being a disaster complements the life story of each one.

All of us at some point in our lives have felt like this … Like a complete disaster. That’s why this song is so important to me because it’s okay to talk about this and because the important thing is to know that everything is part of the way and that sometimes … It’s okay to be a disaster. Listen to it and make it yours, that’s what it’s for. Thanks to all who were part of this song, “he wrote on Instagram.

Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez
Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez

At the 2021 Latin Grammys, Juliana Velásquez was left with an award:

The 2021 Latin Grammys had a calendar date for November 18. And, regarding the Colombians who were in the race for the gramophone with one or more nominations, there was also the actress from Bogota. ‘Best New Artist ‘was the category in which his name was featured on the list of nominees… and this not only stopped there, since the artist was victorious, that is, he won said Latin Grammy, the first he has.

Of course, on his Instagram Velásquez wrote a handful of words about his victory, with which he denoted the importance of staying firm in what you are working on and want to achieve.

“Just to remind each and every one of us that we live for and to make little music… Let’s never stop doing it. Sometimes the road gets difficult, sometimes we get tired of closed doors, sometimes it seems that it will never be achieved, but keeping your heart unflappable and your desire intact will always be worth it ”.

It goes without saying that, at the 2020 Latin Grammys, a Colombian was also the one who carried the title of winner in the same category as Juliana Velásquez: ‘Best new artist’; what is the name? As well, Mike Bahia.

Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez
Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez

A bit of Juliana Velásquez’s acting career:

Beyond music, the Bogota woman has also stepped on the artistic field of acting, for example, she has reflected her talent in this regard in ‘Club 10 ′,’ Super pa ‘(2008),’ Bad girls ‘(2010),’ The glory of Lucho ‘(2019) and, it should not be left out that she has also developed as an actress in a series for Netflix:’ History of a crime: Colmenares’ (2017).

On the other hand, among his artistic tasks, there is the preparation of a record work, the second that he will release. In addition, he has also realized that by this time his songs are playing with success in the country.

I wanted to tell you that I am happy as a worm because at this moment we have five songs, five, in the playlist of the 50 most viral in all of Colombia And, that only means that you are listening to the music, that many are surely arriving for the first time or are listening to it for the first time and for me that, in the midst of everything that is happening, is the most important thing, being able to reach many more ”Were his words in his Instagram Stories.

Juliana Velásquez Instagram Stories. Photo: @julianavelasquez
Juliana Velásquez Instagram Stories. Photo: @julianavelasquez


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Juliana Velásquez, after her Latin Grammy, launches ‘Disaster Woman’