Kany García and the “experiment” that brings her closer to another Latin Grammy

Sometimes the simplest and most real is what generates the best results. That’s how it happened to Kany Garciawho earned a nomination for Latin Grammy for a song she composed without much trouble, about a friend’s love story.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is nominated for a Latin Grammy in the best tropical song category for water and coconuta song he created with Mario Cáceres, Jorge Luis Chacín, Richi López and Yasmil Marrufo, with which he experimented by getting closer to Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

“I didn’t think I was going to have a tropical song nomination and I love it… The experiments that one does, when one leaves that comfort zone, of what naturally you have been doing, that they end up being recognized with a nomination is for me amazing,” Kany said in the video call interview.

The artist, who has previously been awarded six Latin Grammys, including two for best singer-songwriter album, highlighted that the public at her concerts has responded very well to Agüita e coco.

“I think that people are also very grateful when one makes songs that break the repertoire a little bit,” he said.

The origin of Agüita e coco

Although she looked for something different in the melody, the history of the song is something she knows very well and has been keeping track of for a few years, when a friend happily told her all the plans she had once she finished a song. relationship. “Someone who spoke so excitedly about being single,” she recalled.

But some time later, the friend called her to tell her that the plans had changed, because she had found the love of her life and was planning to get married.

“For me it was so crazy, because it was the same person talking to me… I have continued to see my friend’s relationship and every time we have gatherings of friends we literally dance to the song,” she said.

To achieve a truly tropical sound, Garcia recorded all the percussion in Puerto Rico. Agüita e coco is included in his album El amor que deservemos, nominated for best pop vocal album at the Latin Grammys, which will be delivered next Thursday, November 17, in Las Vegas.

Kany found out about the nominations from the front row, because despite the fact that they were revealed in a virtual ceremony, she was one of the presenters who had recorded videos to publicize the nominees.

“You always record ‘and the nominees are’ and you no longer find out and there they put everything together… I was super attentive… At home we put it on the screen,” he said.

In addition, the singer-songwriter is one of the honorees as Leading Ladies of Entertainment 2022, by the Latin Recording Academy, in recognition of her contribution to the music industry.

Leading Ladies of Entertainment is a program created six years ago to recognize socially conscious professional women in the Latino arts and entertainment industry who have made important contributions and inspired the next generation of artists.

About the collaboration with Christian Nodal

In the same tenor of opening up to new possibilities, García sought out Christian Nodal to interpret his song The Next. He had the confidence, working with Mexican producer and songwriter Edgar Barrera, who is also a frequent Nodal collaborator.

“There is an admiration that I did not know was mutual and when I found out that it was mutual, I had this song in my hands and I said to myself, ‘You have to take advantage of this,'” he said.

García and Barrera wrote most of the song, but Nodal made some changes to the lyrics to make it more his own.

“I really enjoy it because it shows faces of Nodal that not everyone knows. A more sensitive face, one more face of a person who feels, who suffers and is affected by things, ”she pointed out. “I also love to talk about the vulnerable man in the songs, which is not as well known in regional Mexican music or in the songs of Nodal himself,” she added.

Kany maintained that regional Mexican music plays at his parties and it is a genre he has been listening to for years. “I think that since I was a child at home I started listening to music from Chavela (Vargas) or Vicente (Fernández), norteño music,” she said.

The video for The Next, was filmed in Argentina with tequilas in between. In it, Nodal and García appear very close together smoking. Garcia also pretends to tattoo Nodal, who is famous for the ink he wears on his body.

“What we did was have fun; he told me ‘what a nice video, smoking, drinking and dying of laughter. I wish all videos were like this,’” he narrated.

But Garcia is supposed to have been disinterested or upset with his love, as the lyrics say. From time to time, the Argentine director Diego Peskins asked them to be serious and reminded them to sing instead of talking on the set.

“It was funny because of that, because I think we have a very nice dynamic and friendship,” he said.

The interpreter will be part of the Banco Popular special Más que 30, which will be broadcast on Sunday, December 4, at 8:00 p.m., on the main television channels in Puerto Rico.

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Kany García and the “experiment” that brings her closer to another Latin Grammy