La Línea asks for a Latin Grammy

A guy who grew up in Periáñez, specifically Málaga street, and in La Atunara; who studied at the Las Mercedes School and the Antonio Machado Institute can go to Miami, spend a decade there, as in fact happens, or directly travel to the planet Mars, but he will always be part of La Línea. It is the case of Nacho Muiño, known musically as NastyNash. The album Luis Figueroa, which bears the name of the Puerto Rican singer himself, is nominated for Best Salsa Album at the Latin Grammys which will be delivered next November 17 in the Michelob Ultra Arena Las Vegas. Muiño, who has collaborated with the author in the composition from the album, is an invaluable part of this success, as it is too motif, responsible for the production, which is linked to Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony, among others.

Luis Figueroa, who was a backup singer for Romeo Santos and opening act for Marc Antony on the Opus tour, is competing for the salsa Grammy with Will it be over of Alexander Abreu and Havana D’Primera; here I go of Mark Anthony; And it tells you… of Luisito Ayala and The Puerto Rican Power as well as with side A side B of Victor Manuel. Both the Puerto Rican vocalist such as Nacho Muiño will also coincide in the awards ceremony with Alejandro Sanz, Karol G, Pablo Alborán, Rosalía C. Tangana... who opt for the award, but in other categories.

“A couple of years ago Luis [Figueroa] and me we decided to unite our paths and work in a slightly more modern salsa style, with urban touches”explains NastyNash from the United States, in an interview with South Europe. Figueroa and Muiño created the album together and as essential squire He will be with the singer at the time the winners are announced.

Muiño started in music “very young”, when he was barely 13 years old. “Always had been focused more on the world of hip-hop and rapBut when I came to Miami, Latin began to flow through my veins and when I met people from that world, well,Salsa became something present in my day to day”details.

“Thanks to that, I discovered that there were other parts of music, such as composition and production, that I hadn’t touched before and that, due to my personality, they give me a lot of play”, the artist from La Linea abounds.

“This encourages I can write romantic songsthat I don’t see myself singing them, so what I do is create them and have them performed by a person who he has a voice trained for that”he argues.

Since he decided to cross the ocean, NastyNash He has not had the opportunity to return home (“I plan to do so as soon as they give me the visa”) but that has not prevented him from continuing to feel linked to the city where he was born and to which he is bound by infinite ties. “I live the sixteen hours that I am awake in Miami, but I’m sleeping at eight, I’m dreaming of La Línea”, he confesses almost devoutly.

The composer, who assures that since the start of the health crisis generated by Covid-19, he flees from “everything that can generate negative energy”, expresses its gratitude for the expressions of affection received since the nomination was known. One of the congratulations came officially from the mayor himself, Juan Franco. “A million thanks to everyone who is taking a second of their time and sending me their good vibes,” he slides.

“This is not only a success for me, it isino for all the people who fight for their dream, don’t give up, anything is possible. The effort is rewarded”, he finishes her before remembering that this is “just the beginning”.

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La Línea asks for a Latin Grammy