Lanco company welcomes the virtuoso pianist Michel Camilo

The four-time Grammy winner will give master classes this Wednesday at 10:00 am in the Manuel Rueda Hall of the National Conservatory of Music

The company Lanco Dominicana, chaired by Cándida Mejía de Vázquez, sponsors the “Master class that will be given by the famous Dominican pianist Michel Camilo, this Wednesday, January 11 from 10:00 in the morning in the Manuel Rueda Room, of the Fine Arts Schools. Arts, in Santo Domingo.

For Camilo, master classes mean the perfect opportunity to share and accompany music students with experiences and knowledge that he has accumulated through more than 40 years of international career as an interpreter, composer and director of musical groups.

“I always say that when I teach the class I end up learning the same or more than them, since this colloquial meeting forces me to deepen and conceptualize what defines my essence as an artist”, stated the four-time winner of the prestigious Grammy Awards.

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“It is an initiative that has been a great motivation for young music students in the country, so that they know that there is hope, that all dreams are achievable if they prepare well,” Camilo explained upon his arrival in the country through the airport. International Association of the Americas (AILA), where he was received yesterday afternoon by Cándida Mejía Vázquez and by Lanco executives Yokasta Delmonte and Diego Raimundo.

Michel Camilo and Cándida Mejía Vázquez, at AILA.

“The musician must be in constant dynamism, and apart from the fact that I am enriched by the experiences of the students, I am pleased to be able to share my musical knowledge with young people. In addition to the fact that I like to motivate students to excel and dream of the best, that based on their preparation and persistence they will be able to achieve everything they want”.

“Lanco is proud of your Master Class, which every four years you give to music students who excel in playing different instruments, as a preamble to their evaluation to compete for the scholarship you sponsor to study music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, in Boston”, explained Mejía Vázquez.

He added that “when a world-famous artist, like you, shares his knowledge and experiences with our musicians and young people, he sows hope and improves their lives, thus helping to raise the educational and cultural level of our country, which is aligned with the purpose of Lanco, which is to build well-being, improve lives. Thank you Michel for your permanent interest in developing our young talents”.


Son of Lidia and doctor Benigno Camilo, he composed his first song at the age of five. He studied for thirteen years at the National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo, and at sixteen he became a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of his country.

Michel Camillo He began playing the accordion, which he changed to the piano when he was 16 years old.
In 1979 he traveled to New York, where he continued his studies at the Mannes and Julliard Schools of Music.

He made his debut with his trio in 1985 at Carnegie Hall in New York, and in 1986 at European festivals. Since then he has become a leading figure in Latin jazz in the United States, the Caribbean, Japan and Europe.

In 2010 the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) awarded him the title Honoris causa for his excellent musical career.

He has won Grammys for Best Jazz Album in 2000, 2004, 2013, and 2017.

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Lanco company welcomes the virtuoso pianist Michel Camilo