Latin Grammy 2022: Araceli Poma receives a nomination for her album with the group Afro-Andean Funk

At the Latin Grammy 2022, the Peruvian singer Araceli Poma added a nomination to her career. Your group Afro-Andean Funkmade up of her and the bass player Matt Geraghtyis competing in the category of best alternative music album thanks to his latest album, entitled “The Sacred Leaf”.

Upon hearing this news, the 39-year-old artist shared a post on her Instagram account celebrating this achievement in the group’s career. “Afro-Andean Funk, the album that we have made together with music producer Matt Geraghty, is nominated this year for one of the most important awards in music, the Latin Grammy“, wrote.

“This makes me very proud, because it is an alternative album inspired by Peruvian music, which includes songs in Quechua (the indigenous language of my grandparents), and themes of social struggle, such as the song: ‘Luchadora del Ande,'” Araceli continued. Poma. “I am overwhelmed with emotion. Thanks to those who have made this album possible,” she added.

In the Latin Grammy 2022Peruvian women will be the ones who represent our country. Eva Ayllón and Susana Baca compete in the category of best folk music album, while Nicole Zignago in the category of best new artist.

Araceli Poma and the legacy of Afro-Peruvian music

In 2020, Araceli Poma also competed in the Latin Grammy thanks to her production “The warriors of Afro-Peruvian music”. That year, she was nominated along with Matt Gueraghty and Javier Lazo as part of the same team that made possible an audiovisual product starring various Afro-Peruvian artists.

In 2013, Gueraghty –bassist and producer– started “Just Play”, a trip to document and participate in improvisations of musical encounters in New York, United States. From there, he went to New Orleans, San Juan and Havana. Five years later, he arrived in Lima, where he contacted Javier Lazo to make the project a reality in Peruvian territory.

“It is the first ‘Just Play’ with a gender focus. It seems very relevant to me, the difference from the other projects that I had already worked on is that, for the first time, a project with a gender focus is being worked on,” said Araceli Poma two years ago, in a conversation with RPP News. “How good that the project has been able to achieve that: the visibility of music and with it of its artists. We have a Charo Goyoneche or a Rosa Guzmán”.

On that occasion, Poma also referred to Susana Baca Y Eva Ayllon, who shone in the last edition of the Latin Grammy. “They are artists who have paved the way. How important that Afro-Peruvian music continues to be known in the world (…) There are also many producers or visionary people who want to invest in such a project,” he said.


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Latin Grammy 2022: Araceli Poma receives a nomination for her album with the group Afro-Andean Funk