The ceremony will take place on November 17 in Las Vegas with the presence of representatives of the local scene

By Chanpi Jeanbart (@Chanpiok)

In the last week, The Latin Recording AcademyI released the list of nominees for the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys to be held on next November 17 at the Michelob ULTRA Arena of Mandalay located in the city of Las Vegas.

In a context where the Argentine music scene built around the trap, and the rap is all the rage and is already gaining notoriety at an international level, there is great expectation in knowing who has the possibility of taking his Grammy. That is why we will review the Argentine rappers and representatives who will give the present at the ceremony and also some absences that are a bit peculiar.


Locally, his latest album “Dark Ecstasy” It has been a great success, being well received by the public and winning awards at various awards. FHe was the artist with the most awards at the Gardel Awards and is currently in his international tour by Latin America presenting precisely this work. This time, Dark Ecstasy takes him to Las Vegas, as he is nominated for the categories: best alternative song thanks to “Fault”, with Ricardo Mollo. He also competes in the category best rock song by “Get better” and in best rock/pop song with “Tear it off.”

Official YouTube video, from the Wos channel


your disk “Right or wrong” has given it international growth, positioning itself as an exponent of rap at the mainstream level in Latin America and reaching collaborations with artists of the stature of J Balvin. As it happened in local awards, Dance Crip It is the cut that attracts all eyes and is nominated for the category Best rap/hip hop song.


Today the producer is going through one of the career high points. The worldwide success of the music session with Quevedo shows that Biza has no limits and He is willing to outdo himself on every pitch. In November you have the opportunity to take your first latin grammy in the category best interpretation of reggaeton beside Nicky Jam by the Music Session vol 41.

Official photograph from YouTube, from the Bizarrap channel

Nicky Nicole:

The singer is one of the Argentines with the highest number of nominations. She has received three of them and all of them thanks to her participation in “Pa mis chicas” together with Christina Aguilera, Becky G Y Nathy Peluso. The triples are: Record of the Year, Best Fusion/Urban Performance and Song of the Year.

Nico Cotton:

For those who don’t know him, Nicholas Cotton is the music producer behind multiple hits by Argentine artists. He has participated in the production of works such as “Trap Girl” of Cazzuin the mix of “Dark Ecstasy” of wowProduced by “Crazy” of Tiago PZK and an endless list of great works that even go beyond the genre of rap and trap. Cotton has a chance to win his Grammy in the category producer of the year. Without a doubt, she can be one of the Argentine revelations of the night.


Based on the nominations of the 2021 edition, added to the rise of the Argentine “urban music”, it must be said that they are surprising some absences for this year. We must consider that the academy does not grant this distinction guided by the popularity ratings of the artists, but rather They are elected by vote. Also, it is important to keep in mind that albums or songs that have been released between the June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022.

let’s start with Duki, who for the second consecutive year is not nominated. In the period of time that the academy counts, it has released the first volume of Season Reggaeton and a large number of singles, with collaborations and styles of all kindsnot to mention that on the international scene it is considered one of the pillars of the local industry. His absence is truly surprising.

Official YouTube video, from the Duki channel

The same news received Paul London. His return was one of the most anticipated events of the year, he even led a large part of the charters without releasing projects, a phenomenon in Latin music. “Plan A”, “Chance” and your session with Bizarre that reached incredible numbers, are some of the songs with which Paulo successfully sealed his comeback but they do not put him this year in the fight for the Grammys.

Official YouTube video, from the Bizarrap channel

Tiago PZK is another one who is not ternado either. He is one of the artists who has grown the most in the last year. In a short time he was located within the dome of most listened to artists in Argentina and has achieved historical collaborations for the local scene as its featurings with Ozuna and Myke Towers.

In addition to this and although it has a nomination, the little relevance of Bizarrap in the shortlists is surprising. In 2021 he was included in more than one, including Producer of the Year. He is clearly the Argentine artist with the most worldwide projection in the last year, surpassing himself and the sessions have been a popularization platform for a large number of Latin artists. That this time he only has a single nomination is something difficult to understand.

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