Latin Grammy awards Award of Excellence to various figures

Happiness, nerves and even tears were combined in the emotional meeting, where the Latin Recording Academy recognized the trajectories of. AMiguel, Miriam Hernández, Rosario, Rita Lee, Abraham Laboriel, Manolo Diaz, Yordano and Paquito de Rivera commandwith the Award of Excellence.

All with different styles and in different genres have managed to connect with the public over the years, becoming people’s companions at a distance, thanks to their interpretations, their compositions and their performances.

“We are very excited about this event, with which we celebrate the life path we know and respect forever“said Manuel Abud, CEO of the Latin Recording Academy at the start of the Excellence Awards ceremony.

And he added: “Dear, respected Abraham, Amanda, Rosario, Miriam, Yordano, Paquito and Manuel, each one was born with a special gift and they have taken care that their careers, their songs and their works continue in force and serve as inspiration for the new generations. On behalf of the Academy, thank you for being here and for all the inspiration, joy and beauty you have brought to our lives.”

Just over 200 people, including relatives and friends of the honored artists, were in the Mandalay Bay hotel lounge, where Víctor Manuelle was in charge of presenting the celebrants.

Abraham Laboriel, who has made bass the foundation of his career, in which he has accompanied Stevie Wondel and Michael Jacksonwas the first to receive the distinction from the hands of fito paezand reiterated what minutes before had said to MILLENNIUM

“As a bassist I want to tell you not to be afraid to make music and if it doesn’t work out for you… call us that all of us who are here can help you“, he expressed causing the smile and the ovation that he received.

The notes of “He lied to me” and the phrases of “He will never love you like that” were combined and heard in the room. That was the preamble to the presentation of Amanda Miguel And after the profile that was projected in the room, the singer-songwriter came out to thank the distinction and specify: “I am Argentine, I was born in Patagonia, but I did my career in Mexico, there the public wrapped me up and has brought me here, to receive this award that I dedicate to Diego”, while his daughter, Ana Victoria, presented him with the distinction.

Gabriel Abaroa, President Emeritus of the Latin Recording Academy, and Carlos Vives They were responsible for delivering the Award that the Board of Directors gave to Manolo Diaz, the interpreter, composer, singer and the man who promoted the career of Julio Iglesias, Rafaela Carra, Miguel Bose and Carlos Vives.

Upon receiving the distinction, this is how he thanked it: “I call this being lucky and that is why he dedicated this award to my extraordinary mentors who taught me to be lucky: Adam Miro, Tomás Martin Blanco, Levy, Tomas Muñoz and Gabriel Abaroa Jr.. But I would not have achieved anything without the selfless support of my wife.”

Miriam Hernández continued on the list of honorees and although the emotion led her to tears as she told MILLENNIUM, which has happened to him since he was notified of the recognition; The Chilean was able to express: “I thank the Academy for valuing my career, my parents, my children, the public, all those who have somehow been involved for me to be here.”

The next Grammy for Excellence went to Paquito de Rivera, who in addition to showing his skills for the alto saxophone and the clarinet, as was perceived in the video that was projected with his profile; When he went on stage, he also showed his talent for comedy, as Víctor Manuelle predicted when introducing him.

He was specific and said that his passion for music was born when “my father came home with a Benny Goodman record and I fell in love, with what he would later tell me ‘it’s swing, New York, Carnegie Hall.’

Sebastián Yatra had to deliver the following prize and when referring to Rosario he expressed: “He is a person who makes an impact and you remember him not only for his artistic ability, but for how human he is and the passion he brings to his profession.“.

By then the video started reproduced the ability of the Spanish for music, singing and dancing.

She, excited, like all those who preceded her, expressed: “With all this, I remember my mother, my brother, my sister, because of them I am an artist, they always taught me art“.

And he added: “But this award is an adrenaline rush and a march, a march that assures you that you will have Rosario for a long time.“.

Manuel Tejeda and Montaner were summoned by Víctor Manuelle to close the afternoon with the award for Yordano, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter, who has overcome cancer and is visibly moved, shared: “Since they told me I was coming, I don’t sleep well. I It was difficult to speak, I had a very strong stutter during my childhood and adolescence, it was difficult for me to speak. Every summer I fell in love and it was terrible and thanks to that accumulated suffering I managed to write love songs. That’s why I want to thank all the obstacles, because thanks to them I am here.“.


During the award ceremony, which began with a red carpet, Rita Lee, who is considered an emblem of rock, could not attend the award ceremony.

Gabriel Avaroa was moved to tears when presenting the award to Manolo Diazwith whom in 2000 he undertook the adventure of the Latin Recording Academy.

After the delivery of the Grammy for Excellence, the party continued with a meal with family and friends of the honorees at the hotel Mandalay Bay.


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Latin Grammy awards Award of Excellence to various figures