Latin Grammys 2022: behind the scenes of the most important music ceremony

“There’s always been an overflow of talent, it’s just that the rest of the world was slow to discover it,” he tells her. Manuel AbudCEO of the Latin Recording Academy, to The Viola. The progress of music produced in Latin America ended up taking over the charts and mark a new turning point for the industry five years ago, when Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” skyrocketed to become the most listened to song in the world.

From there, a movement that was a breeding ground in the early 2000s finally became the trend. “It’s wonderful to see Latin musicians conquering with their language,” adds Abud at a stop to his work to carry out the Latin Grammy ceremony in Las Vegas on November 17, the first face-to-face after the pandemic.

In front of the Latin Academy, Abud is reserved and discreet with his opinions and he cannot let his personal tastes get in the way of this interview, although he says that he is a fan of the operawho grew up with a father who was a fan of Brazilian music and rock and who “learned to enjoy all genres.”

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It also highlights Argentine talent through proper names such as Bizarrap, Maria Becerra and Dukibut choose not to proceed with the enums so as not to show favoritism. “I love seeing this explosion of youth and talent; We always seek to give him space”, says about the most listened to Argentine artists in the world. “Latin music is a canvas that brings us all together, that identifies us, respecting our differences,” she adds.

Criticism of the Latin Grammys

Abud ponders the respect, even in the face of criticism that the awards receive from artists who believe they deserve better luck in the nominations. A year ago, J Balvin called for a boycott of the Latin Grammys, considering that they did not value urban music. The response came immediately from Residente, who has 31 statuettes, and who shot the Colombian hard for his position. “Your music is like a hot dog cart,” he told her and, some time later, dedicated some furious rhymes to her on his BZRP Music Sessions.

“When there are complaints, we respect the opinion, it is valid and we take it into account,” says the diplomat, taking charge that “it probably requires adjustments on your part.” The conflict between Balvin and the Academy was quickly dissolved and the artist performed at the Grammy Awards gala with María Becerra. “They made a very good product together, she is very talented,” he adds.

The Latin Grammys could change venue

Abud works hard to consolidate the presence of the Academy in Latin America because he wants to be closer to that region. Although he considers that the trip to the United States to be present at the ceremony is “aspirational for many artists”, he does not rule out moving the headquarters to different countries.

“We are analyzing it. Personally, I would love for the gala to travelthere are logistical and cost issues but it is definitely in the folder”, he closes.

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Latin Grammys 2022: behind the scenes of the most important music ceremony