Locomía according to its creator, Xavier Font: “The Grammy they owed me was given to me with the new documentary” – Shangay

If you don’t know anything about the pop phenomenon Locomía, a great event at the end of the 90s, you can’t miss the new documentary series that Movistar+ premieres.

To better understand what it meant locomiaa project full of lights and shadows, we talked to its creator, Xavier Fonta man with a strong personality and without mincing words.

Locomía went from being a performance phenomenon in Ibiza to a pop group with –brief but intense– international success. A group whose formation varied over time, and even had, in its most surreal moment, two parallel formations, once they faced their producer, Joseph Louis Gilwho decided to create his own version of Locomía when the relationship with the originals became unsustainable.


Xavier Font created the formation, and when one of the original members suggested the name to him, he registered it. There one of the first causes was planted that would give rise to several controversies during the coming years. As they would later arrive once José Luis Gil, who developed careers like that of Mónica Naranjo, signed them up to turn them into pop stars.

Confrontations for the control of his career and for the focus of the group would give rise to various dramas, which are now reviewed in the three-episode series locomia. But… why was the history of Locomía so complicated? What has it meant for Xavier Font – along with the rest of the group’s colleagues – to look back? He tells us.

Locomia according to its creator Xavier Font The Grammy they

Xavier Font, in white, in the center.

SHANGHAI ⇒ How did this project come about?
XAVIER FONT ⇒ As a result of an interview they did to me about Locomía, which was published more than three years ago, Andreu Buenafuente asked his people from El Terrat to look for me, because there he saw a story to tell. For six months I collaborated with them, and they opened a window for me to talk more. A producer later offered me to make a series, or even a movie, but the pandemic arrived.

Finally, I signed with them and gave them the rights to make a film, and with Movistar+ I signed the documentary. And I had to start getting all the members of Locomía to participate. In addition, I have signed in Miami a reality show to choose the members of the new Locomía formation that I want to create, and it will give a lot of play.

SHANGHAI ⇒ Now you have a Locomía formation already…
XAVIER FONT ⇒ It is that in Locomía it is not recognized who is who. It is an extravagant and colorful formation that, if you see it with a certain romanticism, wins you over. Whether or not I will win the new generations, we will see.

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SHANGHAI ⇒ How did you manage to convince all the members of the different formations of Locomía at the time to give their versions of what they experienced?
XAVIER FONT ⇒ It didn’t cost me that much. Those who form the essence of the first formation had the need to speak. It was time to close a stage, and for everyone to let off steam, because I told them that I was not going to get angry at what they said… And we have all told our truth.

“What was more important, Locomía’s image or music? For me, the image

SHANGHAI ⇒ Have you really not been angry that certain dirty laundry is revealed that comes to light?
XAVIER FONT ⇒ I haven’t seen the whole series yet, so I’m sure I’ll get angry, because I know they’ll say things about me that won’t be nice…. But I always loosen up right away [risas]. I am aware that I am the most imperfect in history, and it is the role that has touched me. I have always spoken of them with respect. In fact, if I finally talked about the drug problems that some of them had, it’s because I knew that they had told about it. If not, I would have kept quiet. But Locomía was one of the most Light in terms of drug use from the record industry. And I, who was anti-drugs then, had to be the jailer of the kingdom.

SHANGHAI ⇒ What a soap opera you starred in just a few years…
XAVIER FONT ⇒ And being very young. My plan for Locomía was very different from the one we live in. At the age of 20, I had already registered the brand, and what I wanted was to open a store and sell my designs. And I have even registered the fans, which are now going to be seen in a new design through the streets in Pride.

1655271330 297 Locomia according to its creator Xavier Font The Grammy they

SHANGHAI ⇒ But producer José Luis Gil turned you into a boy band
XAVIER FONT ⇒ And he did very well. Because he has as much talent for conquering people as I do, that I have as much taste for men as he does for music. But the music that he created for us was one of the reasons why I left the group after a year, I didn’t play anything. I preferred my free life in Ibiza to always seeing myself in the silly box dressed in a specific color. I was disappointed, of course.

“They asked us not to say that we were gay, something that continues to happen”

SHANGHAI ⇒ This is how a battle arises in the series, sometimes full of irony, between two giants, the music producer who led Locomía to success and you, the leader of the tribe who did not think about giving up the group…
XAVIER FONT ⇒ Do you see it as a battle? Is there a bad? He was a top musician, and if he bought what I created, it was because he was good. And when I got the project back, he didn’t do it right. What was more important, Locomía’s image or music? For me, the image is what you remember, hardly anyone remembers the songs. And if he keeps charging royalties of the themes is thanks to the fact that I have continued with the project with other artists.

1655271331 416 Locomia according to its creator Xavier Font The Grammy they

SHANGHAI ⇒ Many people will be surprised that you were advised not to talk about your homosexuality…
XAVIER FONT ⇒ Yeah, they repressed us. And it is something that continues to happen. Gil told me not to come out of the closet… I had never been inside one! I’ve always had my fucking sexual status, because I’ve never lived the ghetto thing. My gay roll I have always carried it my way. If at home they accepted me as I am, why would they complicate my life?

SHANGHAI ⇒ You were also constantly mocked… Have you made peace with that?
XAVIER FONT ⇒ All that “you lose more oil than Locomía’s van”, that we heard constantly…, I don’t care. It was so easy to make fun of us like that, especially in the straight world. I have never gone unnoticed, neither now, and I am used to it. Oscar Wilde already said that the important thing is that they talk about you, be it good or bad.


SHANGHAI ⇒ Is it true that you are already looking at the 2023 edition of the Benidorm Fest for a new Locomía to participate?
XAVIER FONT ⇒ Yes. I already have some members, who arrive super-prepared. And Chaumen is designing a spectacular wardrobe, a fantasy. He comes from the same planet as me, and he doesn’t need to design the clothes. My current plan is to do away with the songs and characters of the past, which have to die. They owed me a Grammy, because, regardless of who weighs, we marked a moment and inspired many people. But I feel that they have given it to me with this documentary.



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Locomía according to its creator, Xavier Font: “The Grammy they owed me was given to me with the new documentary” – Shangay