Lorena Gómez: “Not everyone has to fill a stadium and win a Grammy”

Lorraine Gomez has been dedicating himself to music for more than 15 years after proclaiming himself winner in Operation Triumph 2006. After being away from the music industry for a while, the artist returns with his most personal project to date, I come back to lifethe first single from his new album that will be released in 2023. A song “jumping into the void, removing the fears and ghosts of the past, and freeing yourself from all that weight”.

The interpreter has had an encounter with Direct Chronicle in which he has analyzed his career and the changes he has undergone, which have allowed him to be inspired by his new releases: “I have suffered very important losses and I have been a mother, that has also made me live again somehow.” “After becoming a mother I have become much more confident and free when making decisions,” she confesses.

–Your new single is ‘I return to life’. How did it come about?

–It is a song that arises after an accumulation of situations and circumstances of life in general. It is focused on resilience, make friends with pain, pull forward and walk together. After living a very strong time, you always have that desire to live. Life is a gift and you have to enjoy it, live it to the fullest and take advantage of it because when those moments come is when you realize and really value what you have. It is a song of jumping into the void, of taking away your fears, the ghosts of the past, free yourself from all that weight and that burden and simply get up from any situation or circumstance in which you have been involved.

–It seems like a renaissance in music.

–In my case it is to come back to life in every way. I have suffered very important losses and I have been a mother, that has also made me live again in some way. All the circumstances together have made this song born of those moments that may not be all rosy, but you always have the hope that everything will be alright, that finally you are going to walk forward and there will be no turning back. Everyone in our lives has a moment, a turning point, a circumstance that makes us stronger. In this case, for me, this song means a lot for everything I’ve lived through these three years.

–The video clip added more than a million views in a week. How does it feel?

–I prefer to always be on the sidelines, I don’t like to be thinking about numbers, but it is true that it’s an amazing record that in a week it has more than a million views. I’m blown away because I know how difficult it is. Every view, every person sitting there, loses those three minutes of their time to watch the video. It’s very rewarding and I feel like everything we’re doing with this song has been worth it.

Lorena Gomez - LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

Lorena Gómez – LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

–On a musical level it maintains its essence, how was it born?

The essence of one arises from how you are raised and how you were taught as a child. In my house the first thing has always been family, health, and then everything else. Starting from the basis that you are clear about the most important thing in life, which for me is being alive, you appreciate everything in another way. I cannot lose my essence because I have lived many things, I have suffered a lot to get where I am, I fought a lot, and my family has always been with me so that everything went ahead and they have supported me. When I’m a little bit with my mind in the sky and my feet on the ground, I try never to despair and know where I really come from. That makes you not forget where you come from and also have very clear things about where you want to go. I could do what everyone else does, go to fashion, but it wouldn’t be me. I get on stage and I want to do what I want and what is my truth. For those who like it, perfect, and for those who don’t, for tastes, colors. There is a lot of diversity of music in the world and many artists.

–Every day thousands of new songs are published…

–They always tell me that music is very difficult, but it depends on where you want to go. You can live in many ways. Not everyone has to fill a WiZink Center and win a Grammy. I hope it gets to that, but my main goal in life is to go on stage, even in front of 20 people, sing to them, that they like my work and that they enjoy what I do. That is the most beautiful thing in the world.

–How did you find your way?

–I have gone through stages that I have seen super bad and others that I have seen well. The years give you the experience and tricks to remove all those insecurities and fears. I for example, after being a mother I have become much more confident and free when making decisions. The Lorena of before was probably a little more fearful than now. The force has now flooded me and I don’t think about what will happen or what they will say. Before I was more cautious, but now I do things because my soul moves me and because I want to. That is why I am an independent artist, but in every way.

–What are you working on?

–This leads to the album that will come out next year, we still don’t have an exact date because there are many things to finish, but I want to have my album. My previous albums are from when I left Triumph operationI was very young, but now the time has come to have my real album, my experiences, my songs and my essence.

Lorena Gomez - LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

Lorena Gómez – LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

–What can advance?

–This album has been in the making for quite a few years, it had been preparing for a long time and there are songs from even when I was 25 years old, things that have marked me throughout my life, and songs that sometimes I did not dare to release because of shame or fear. There are many lyrics that are really all that I had saved and that in the end I put on a record.

–You have composed all the songs for the first time, how was the process of opening up to the channel?

–It is very difficult because besides you find many things that probably at this moment it is not going well for you to find. I’m talking about what feelings that you have inside and that you don’t want to remember why they hurt you. for me the music and writing is a relief. There are many things to tell and sometimes I even lack songs. I think you will see one lorraine more real than ever.

–You have been away from music for a while, what has this break given you?

–Distanced because I haven’t released an album or songs, but I’ve always been connected, writing, composing and learning a lot from other people. For me it has not been a disconnection, on the contrary, has been perhaps disconnect to connect, being present at all times, without missing much. I can’t be without singing or listening to music, otherwise I’ll die. For artists, music is life.

–What sounds inspire you?

I listen to everything. In fact, many times I put on the radar of Spotify because I don’t like to always hear the same thing. I want to know what new artists are there and discover music. I love that there is room for new artists because everyone deserves a chance in music. There are a lot of talented people with incredible voices who are probably just looking to be heard; I try to help with that.

Lorena Gomez - LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

Lorena Gomez – LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

–What advice do you give the new generation of artists?

–The most important thing is to have very clear ideas. You can’t suddenly get one thing and a month later get another. For me it is very important that everything you do on stage is your truth and sing from the heart.

–You celebrate 15 years in music, what do you have left to do?

–I don’t like to set short-term or long-term goals, I live day by day. What I see that I like, perfect, and what I don’t feel moves me, I don’t. nothing scared me. We will continue making songs and I will continue singing them for the people who listen to me and accompany me on this path. An artist once told me not to be afraid to put out music, because you would always have an audience that would like that song. Thanks god there is a lot of diversity in music and the most beautiful thing is being able to choose and have several styles.

Lorena Gomez - LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

Lorena Gómez – LUIS MIGUEL AÑÓN (CG)

–15 years accompanied by fans who have been following her since ‘Operación Triunfo’. How does she feel?

–That is incredible. I have seen them grow. They were my girls and they are still there. Although it seems to be silent when I don’t play music, they are always there for anything, they don’t disappear, that is the most beautiful. It doesn’t matter if there are five or 1,000, the important thing is that these people, when I sing, I see their faces and I feel very lucky to make someone happy with my music. On a personal level it is so rewarding.

–Are you preparing a tour for the new album?

–Some dates are coming out that are still to be confirmed, but since this topic came up, I can’t complain and a lot of work is coming out. I really want to be able to close it to announce it because the acceptance that the song is having is truly incredible.

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Lorena Gómez: “Not everyone has to fill a stadium and win a Grammy”