Marco Antonio Solís will be the 2022 Latin Grammy Person of the Year

(CNN Spanish) – The Latin Grammys announced this Tuesday that the iconic Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solís will be the Person of the Year 2022.

Solís joins the select group of performers who during the ceremony of the most important Latin music awards receive special recognition for their career and altruistic work.

“Solís will be recognized for his career spanning more than four decades as one of the most successful and multifaceted artists in the history of Mexico. His dedication to his musical roots has made him a true ambassador of Latin music worldwide, adored by thousands of fans whom he has moved with his songs,” the Latin Recording Academy said in a statement.

Marco Antonio Solís: a living legend

Latin Grammy CEO Manuel Abud called Solis a living legend.

Framework Anthony Solís is a living legend and one of the most iconic figures in Latin music. He is an artist who transcends generation gaps by touching millions with his lyrics that inspire greater acceptance and understanding,” Abud said in a statement.

The singer, also known as “el Buki”, thanked the Academy for the designation and said he wanted to share the recognition with his family, his followers and with God.

“Thanks to all those who have witnessed my career, from my beginnings to today, and who in some way are also part of this important achievement,” said the composer.

“Thanks to my family for the motivation they awaken in me to always improve myself, and thanks to my faithful audience for making possible, with their support, this reality that fills me with pride, love and joy in my heart. Thank God the Father present always in my Being”, added the interpreter.

Marco Antonio Solís discovered his love for music since childhood. In the 1970s, together with his cousin Joel Solís, he formed the group Los Bukis.

In 1996 Marco Antonio Solís went solo. He has more than 16 albums that, according to the Latin Grammys, have broken sales records and topped the charts throughout Latin America.

He has five Latin Grammy and six Anglo-Saxon Grammy nominations.

Latin Grammy Person of the Year

The Person of the Year is a distinction that the Latin Recording Academy gives to Spanish-speaking artists for their career and altruistic efforts. Solís joins a list of 21 performers who have already been honored during the Latin Grammys.

In 2020, the Latin Recording Academy did not give the recognition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Previous artists who were Person of the Year are:

  • Ruben Blades (2021)
  • Johns (2019)
  • Manna (2018)
  • Alejandro Sanz (2017)
  • Mark Anthony (2016)
  • Robert Charles (2015)
  • Joan Manuel Serrat (2014)
  • Miguel Bose (2013)
  • Caetano Veloso (2012)
  • Shakira (2011)
  • Placido Domingo (2010)
  • John Gabriel (2009)
  • Gloria Estefan (2008)
  • Juan Luis Guerra (2007)
  • Ricky Martin (2006)
  • Jose Jose (2005)
  • Carlos Santana (2004)
  • Gilbert Gil (2003)
  • Vicente Fernandez (2002)
  • Julio Iglesias (2001)
  • Emilio Estefan (2000)

The Latin Grammys “Person of the Year” ceremony takes place the night before the awards show. It is a private gala where various stars pay tribute to the honoree interpreting his most iconic songs.

Details of the event and the date of the 23rd edition of the awards are still unknown, but it usually takes place in mid-November.

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Marco Antonio Solís will be the 2022 Latin Grammy Person of the Year