Marcos Witt is awarded the “Best Christian Album in Spanish” at the Grammy Awards

Photo taken from Facebook Marcos Witt

At the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony that took place on November 17 from the city of Las Vegas in the US, psalmist Marcos Witt was recognized with the award for “Best Christian Album in Spanish” of the year.

The singer-songwriter won with Viviré, a studio album that brings together ten previously unpublished songs, produced by Colombian singer Carlitos López. Production with the participation of Lilly Goodman and Kim Richards and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the first song by Marcos in disco style.

Other artists were also nominated in this category, such as the Guatemalan Aroddy with Spring has arrived, for his part Athenas (Alpha and Omega), Gilberto Daza (Who said fear? Live) and Jesús Adrián Romero (How do you see me?).

When passing through his great award, the psalmist indicated: “King David, the same one who sings in the morning, wrote in the psalm I will not die, but I will live to count the wonders of God”, in addition to mentioning that Christian music will continue to grow.

Later he thanked his team, his wife and Jesus Christ and through his social networks he expressed:

“I feel very honored and grateful to the @LatinGrammys academy for the recognition in this category of “Best Christian Album in Spanish”. They were two years of countless hours of work. We faced challenges that I never imagined would come, but God was good.

Continuous: “”I will live” is the result of God’s purpose. I thank my producer @CarlitosLopezMusic for his professionalism and dedication, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and all the guests who participated, you added incalculable value to this album. Also to @abrahaamdiaz who encouraged me to record this album, as well as everyone at @Canzion who in one way or another were part of this album. I also thank my family, my children and my wife of 36 years, Miriam, who has always been a constant support every moment. You are my faithful friend.”

“I dedicate this recognition to the One who gave his life for me, to my Lord and friend: Jesus. As long as I have breath and strength, I will continue to deliver my songs to Him.”

He also thanked the Latin Grammys for continuing to include and highlight the category that rewards Christian music.

“I want to thank the Academy for always supporting this very important category, since Christian music is at an explosive stage and will continue to grow,” he said.

At the end of the speech, he stressed that the one who mainly deserves all the honor and glory is the Lord Jesus.

“He is the one who gives us all the life we ​​have. May God bless you, thank you very much ”, he finished his speech amid applause from those present.

Witt has said that this album came at the right time to bring hope to those who don’t have it.

“«I will live» is an album that by the grace of God after 2 years of hard work, dedication and effort we were able to bring to reality. It is the result of several years of experiences and challenges, prayers and battles, joys and doubts” he said.

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Marcos Witt is awarded the “Best Christian Album in Spanish” at the Grammy Awards