María Becerra gave her show at the 2022 Grammys with J Balvin

Grammys 2022 – Presentation of María Becerra and J Balvin (Video: TNT)

“A while ago I wanted to tell you this and I couldn’t! I still can’t believe it! Thank you friend J Balvin for the possibility. See you at the Grammys on Sunday. I swear I’m going to give everything.”I had written days ago Mary Becerra on Instagram along with the hashtag #LaNenaDeArgentina, as she calls herself. Balvin, for his part, had also expressed himself on social networks: “With the high vibe and grateful to be able to be next April 3 at the #GRAMMYS with Maria Becerra. Thank you, Peace on Earth”.

And finally, the long-awaited day for the Argentine artist arrived: she shone on the stage of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas together with the Colombian, with whom she performed “What else then?”, one of the most successful musical themes of recent months. In the presence of the most outstanding figures in music -such as Justin BieberLady Gagaand the band btsamong others -, the 22-year-old did not shrink and displayed all her talent with a shorter version of the popular feat. First, Balvin appeared on the scene, wearing a particular long coat with a hood and red lighting. Moments later, it was Becerra’s turn, wearing a metallic top and wide pants. Then, both sang the chorus as a duet, achieving an unparalleled chemistry. Next, Balvin sang “In da Getto”, another of the successful songs that he made popular in recent times.

“María Becerra first Argentine artist to perform at the #GRAMMYs”, “María Becerra did very well at the Grammys, her voice sounded very nice”, “Could it be María Becerra? I do not think so. She was a queen fulfilling her dreams and shutting up mouths ”,“ María Becerra broke it, what a queen ”were some of the comments that were read from their fans in Twitter.

María Becerra singing at the 2022 Grammys (Capture: TNT)

Minutes before going on stage, María gave a brief interview on the awards red carpet, which was broadcast on TNT. “I’m shocked, what can I tell you? I am super happy, super proud to be here, to carry the name of my country here at the Grammys. Very grateful to Jose who invited me to sing “What else, then?” and tell them that we are going to break it, that everything is going to be beautiful. We’ve already soundchecked, we’ve tested the lights, so it’s going to be beautiful, “he had told the mobile company as a kind of prediction of what ended up being a great show.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about the collaboration he has just done with the Mexican Sofia Reyes. “The truth is that I love Sofi, she is a friend. Soon a very nice surprise will come out that we have together. It’s a very nice thing about “Mars”we are very happy and I want to tell her that I adore her, I am very happy that our song is breaking her and that she is doing super well because she deserves it”, she expressed very happy.

I admire everyone who is here, I am crazy, inside I have immense emotion, but on the outside I am going to be a lady, eating well at the tableInside I’m going to be dying. Hopefully this is the start of something super big, “she closed.

Balvin, for his part, had also throbbed the presentation: “We’ve already rehearsed a thousand times, we can’t fail. We have to represent Latinos, our movement and I am very proud and grateful to be here.”


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María Becerra gave her show at the 2022 Grammys with J Balvin