Meet María Becerra and her story of how she got to the 2022 Grammys

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Mary Becerra She knew from a very young age that dreams are meant to come true and she has dedicated herself to that since she discovered, almost unintentionally, what has now become her career and what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

The youtuber Of Argentine nationality, at this point, he is already an international celebrity. So much so that he has come to participate in the 2022 Grammy prices and just yesterday he was on Peruvian soil participating in the “Juntos en Concierto” Festival alongside true music giants such as Molotov, The Wailers, Inner Circle among others.

But the road has not been easy at all, since from the beginning there have been several obstacles that only by dint of effort and dedication has been overcome.

María Becerra surprised her followers last night at the “Together in Concert” festival (Instagram: María Becerra)

Born on February 12, 2000 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires (Argentina), María Becerra showed an aptitude for art from a very young age. Detail that she did not go unnoticed by her parents, who at the age of 7 enrolled her in singing, musical comedy, dance and body language classes at the Academy of Valeria Lynch.

At 13, his interest turned to literature and he began to write stories and poetry that, little by little, he began to publish on the Internet. But the talent that he was beginning to develop saw the first stumbling block for him. And it is that she was diagnosed with attention deficit.

In an interview for Filo News She pointed out that this situation made her suffer a lot during the school stage. “My mom got called all the time for this when she actually I tried very hard and it was a great frustration not being able to focus”.

María Becerra next to Tini Stoessel in the High Remix video. (Photo @maria_becerra22)
María Becerra next to Tini Stoessel in the High Remix video. (Photo @maria_becerra22)

as good centennial, I was totally familiar with social networks and their management. So it was that on her Facebook account she began to upload cover videos of her favorite songs and the castings she attended. One of those days she hit the nail on the head and uploaded a monologue, parody key, which in a short time reached a million views. So, the idea fell off and she decided to open her own YouTube channel in 2015.

Due to the fame that was gaining due to its content in which it was shown singing, v-logs and dance tutorials, it is that it makes a transcendental decision and drop out of school.

It happens that the situation at home, although there was plenty of love, the economy was not doing well so he had to make the drastic decision.

“I had to leave him because he couldn’t handle both things (school and his new job as a youtuber). My family and I used the money a lot and I couldn’t afford to lose that opportunity, ”he told Infobae.

So far, the decision seems to have been the correct one, since since 2017 the awards and recognitions have not stopped arriving.

For example, in 2017 she was nominated for favorite Youtuber in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina and debuted in the theater.

In 2018, she won the award for Favorite Musical Influencer at the Kids’ Choice and was shortlisted for Best YouTuber at the Martin Fierro Digital Awards.

Then it was time to give something else to his followers who would be pleasantly surprised in September 2019.

That year he released his first EP called ‘222′. This production included her first three songs “Nada de amor”, “Tu lady” and “Tell me how I do”.

The music could no longer stop and in 2020 he published “Dejemos que pasa”, “Perdidamente” and “Moon” together with his compatriot Dani.

María Becerra shone with J Balvin at the 2022 Grammy Awards. (AP)
María Becerra shone with J Balvin at the 2022 Grammy Awards. (AP)

Fame beyond the Argentine borders came to her when she made a remix of her song ‘High’ with two other women who have also become icons of today’s youth such as Martina ‘Tini´ Stoessel and Lola Indigo. As expected, the theme was a success.

By August 2021, María Becerra published “Animal, part 1″, the long-awaited debut album that featured more than one collaboration, such as “Si yo fue tú” with Paty Cantú; “Además de mí (Remix)” with Duki, Khea, Tiago PZK and Lit Killah; and “Lie to me” with Tini.

But the real hit of this production was “What else then?”, next to J Balvin. Such was the success of this song that both got on stage at the 2022 Grammy Awards, which took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States, to perform it.

“All this has been somewhat difficult because a tremendous boom has hit me. I’ve been in the industry for two years and I’ve already sung at the Grammys in the United States. They have been such high peaks that sometimes I think it is better not to be so aware of everything so as not to flash, ”she confessed.

As they say an old phrase “The future is in your hands”. Only time, and her talent, will tell if María Becerra will go to the pavilion of the most important Argentine musicians in history such as Charly García, ‘Flaco’ Spinetta, Luca Prodan or Nolberto Napolitano, among others.

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Meet María Becerra and her story of how she got to the 2022 Grammys