Milena Warthon will face Los Rabanes in Viña del Mar 2023: who else competes

Milena Warthon represents Peru in the Chilean festival.

The organization of Vina del Mar Festival announced to Milena Warthon as the representative of Peru in the folklore category in the 2023 edition. The artist will have tough competition with stars from various countries, where ‘The Rabanes’, a group created in 1992 and that has come to our country many times to delight in concerts with successful songs like ‘Miss, I like your style’ and ‘Bam Bam’.

Our compatriot is not far behind and is already preparing to give everything of herself in her presentation before the Monster of the Quinta Vergara. “I am very grateful for the love that they have always shown me and I know that with the love of the people we are going to achieve many things”, were the words of Milena Warthon.

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Camilu is an Argentine singer and songwriter. She will represent her country with the theme ‘Little by little’.

“I am going to represent our country in the Viña del Mar competition. Few things in life moved me as much as receiving this news. I love music, I love writing songs. “De a poquito” is the backbone of my second album and it is the song that I have been most proud of in my career as a singer-songwriter… and you can’t imagine how excited I sent it to participate in this huge festival that honors music internationally . This for me is an immense gift, ”wrote the singer on her social network.

The trio of singers will represent Chile with ‘Path’.

“Full of pride, happiness, emotion and desire, we tell you that we are going to represent our beloved country Chile in the folkloric competition of the Viña del Mar Festival. Thank you for trusting us. We will give it our all,” the singers wrote on their official network.

Colombia is also present with All Star Bazurtos, with his single ‘La Manguera’.

“We have been chosen to represent Colombia at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. For the first time a champeta artist on the Quinta Vergara stage. Thanks to our followers who encourage us every day to continue carrying the name of the champeta high. See you soon Viña”, wrote the members of the group.

Mexico is represented by Frank Di, with ‘Last Drop’.

“I am very excited to be able to represent my country at the largest Latino Festival in the world, the Viña del Mar Festival, with a song that undoubtedly represents folklore with “Mariachi” representing Mexico with heartbreak and tequila. Tijuana, I always want to leave your name high ”, Fran Di wrote on her Instagram account.

Panama is in competition with The Rabaneswith his song ‘La Patineta’, feat. ruben blades. The popular Panamanian group has a career spanning more than 25 years and they have announced their new album with producer Emilio Estefan for 2023, at Crescent Moon studios.

“Taking ‘La Patineta’ to Viña del Mar is going to be a unique experience because this song contains roots of the Panamanian cumbia from Santeño, together with the murga from Panama, which was the arrangement that Los Rabanes provided for this song,” says Emilio. Regueira, vocalist of The Rabanes.

Our Peruvian representative represents us with her success ‘Warmisitay’. The artist released in this 2022 the successful songs ‘La Nena’, ‘Maravilloso’, ‘Volvió a Latir’ and the recent ‘Fiesta Patronal’. However, she decided to apply to the important international festival with ‘Warmisitay’, for being a subject that has a very deep message.

“Andean power reaches Viña del Mar. I can’t believe it ‘Warmisitay’ will represent the Andean woman in La Quinta Vergara, this really is a dream, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me day by day, you are my engine and impulse. Thanks also to my grandmother Teresita for being the inspiration for this song, for being the sweetest woman in the world. Thanks to all the warmisitas that motivate me day by day. I promise to do my best and sing with all my heart, ”wrote the singer on her Instagram account.

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“We applied with this song for different reasons: it is a song that has reached a lot of people, it is very beautiful, very real. It is a love story for my grandmother, admiration for everything she has taught me. ‘Warmisitay’ is a tribute to the Andean woman and to women in general, because in its lyrics it says “You are pure magic, free as the wind, goddess of the Andes, among the stars you shine like nobody else”, that is to say that the woman is beautiful just the way she is, she doesn’t need anything or anyone, this song revalues ​​the Andean woman and shows her as is,” Milena said.


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Milena Warthon will face Los Rabanes in Viña del Mar 2023: who else competes