Music against intolerance, world music… Several Grammy nominees arrive in Toledo

With this Festival organized by the City Council of the regional capital, “the most intercultural of all its editions”, Toledo maintains its support for cultural diversity and represents “an open window to values ​​such as respect, tolerance or the acceptance itself”, he explained. Theo Garcia to say that it is “a unique tool” to promote culture as a fundamental element in the development of our city since “Toledo is a benchmark of interculturality and we also want to achieve it through music.”

The program will go four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and America and will allow everyone who comes to see these concerts to enjoy “the ancient traditions of Dakar, Senegal, and the dances of the ‘One thousand and One Nights’; feel the soul of Camarón in the voice of Israel Fernandez; Enjoy the sweet female voices of the Norwegian National Choir.” It will also “leave space for the international power of Algerian music and the feeling of Argentine tango”, the municipal official pointed out.

The Festival begins on Saturday, July 2

performances will start on July 2, in the Plaza de Zocodover at 10 p.m., with the Jummu International Ballet, from Dakar, Senegal. A Senegalese dance show that shows the deep roots of the artistic and cultural tradition of Africa, through emotions and sensations produced by the vibrant sounds, rhythms and colors on a stage with thirty dancers and musicians capable of combining acrobatic dances with deep music. , through contemporary dance choreographies.

The July 9th, already in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 10:00 p.m., like the rest of the proposals that will take place next Saturday, will go on stage Dream Bellydance, oriental dances with a scenography typical of the ‘Thousand and One Nights’, among them, belly dance, egyptian dance, raqs sharqi and various ancient traditional dances from North Africa and Greece.

Israel Fernandez and Diego del Morao

The July 16th it will be the singer’s turn Israel Fernandez and Diego del Morao, both from the Toledo town of Corral de Almaguer, with old and contemporary flamenco. As Teo García has recalled, Israel Fernández’s album was nominated for the Latin Grammys. Both musicians are recognized internationally, being considered the number one in the world of flamenco today.

The following Saturday, the July 23th, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento will host the concert of the Norwegian Young Women’s Choir, a choir based in Oslo that arrives in Toledo with 60 Female Voices, aged between 6 and 22 years. In Oslo it is made up of more than 120 singers grouped into four levels, by age. It is a choir of great Norwegian tradition, following the heritage of the Norwegian Radio and Television Girls’ Choir, born in 1947.

They perform together with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and in Festivals such as the Oslo International Church Music, the Bergen International, the Oslo International Chamber Orchestra, Risor, Trondheim, Minioya, in the Rhythmic World Cup in New York or the International Festival of Young Choirs in Japan. He is also part of the opera and ballet productions of the National Theater of Norway. In 2020, they were grammy nominees as best immersive album.

Malevaje: bolero tangos, ballads…

This day, July 23, and after the performance of the Norwegian choir, the Algerian will take the stage Wafa Oudjit, Based in Toledo, she performs a fusion style between flamenco and Arabic music. She interprets Arab and flamenco sounds combined with music from Andalusia and the Maghreb, singing in Algerian, Egyptian, Spanish and French. She is a true fusion of cultures.

Lastly, the July 30, reach malevage, a montage of popular music through tangos, boleros, French songs, ballads, ranchera or flamenco and all with that personal imprint that has marked the international trajectory of this long-lived Argentine musical group. Guided by the voice of the legendary Anthony Bartrine and with a repertoire of hits from Carlos Gardel, of Julio Maria Sosa or of Robert Goyeneche.

The Councilor for Culture, Teo García, has encouraged Toledans and visitors to enjoy this festival “in the most relaxed way possible”, open and free, that will put the musical note to the summer nights on Saturdays in the Historic District. He hopes that all the seats will be filled, some 650 chairs, although it can also be seen standing up or from any other point in the different squares.

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Music against intolerance, world music… Several Grammy nominees arrive in Toledo