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● Music together with wine turns out to be the ideal combination, and that is that a favorite song has the capacity to improve the sensation in the mouth of whatever that chosen wine is; as well as an unfortunate song, it can negatively influence the flavor of it. It is precisely this perfect pairing between music and wine that made the Chilean brand Frontera Wines associate with the GRAMMY® Awards, the largest international music event.

Santiago, January, 2023.- There are studies that support this phenomenon, such as the one carried out in 2008 by the professor of psychology, Adrian North, from the University of Heriot Watt, Scotland. The analysis reveals that consuming wine while listening to a song makes the person’s perception of its taste change, since music can affect sensations, which is known as “organoleptic”, that is, the way in how the variety of flavors and aromas of the wine is perceived.

This effect, according to North, is explained by the qualities that are usually given to wines, which are not so different from those that are given to songs. In addition, the study shows that there is music indicated for each strain and, depending on the sounds that are heard while consuming a wine, there will be a change in flavor. In fact, to understand this situation more clearly, a test was carried out in a supermarket, one of the places where wine is most purchased, and where it always accompanies some background music. There it was evidenced, for example, that when listening to more classical music, people were more inclined to choose a French wine.

In this regard, the study suggests some ideal musical styles for pairing:

● Cabernet Sauvignon: great representatives of Rock, that is, strong, powerful music.
● Merlot: rhythms accompanied by guitars, mainly belonging to the soul, rhythm & blues genre.
● Syrah: ideal for classical music by the main exponents of history.

For this reason, various events related to music are being accompanied by wine, such as the most important awards in the world of music: the GRAMMY Awards®, which are sponsored by Frontera Wines, a Chilean wine brand. which is an official partner of these awards until the year 2024.

Carlos Maucher, Global Brand Manager of Frontera, comments that “we understand that the occasion for wine consumption is not only social, but also in relaxing spaces, listening to good music or reading a book, and for this reason our wine also converses well with these moments and we look for opportunities, such as the GRAMMY® Awards, where Frontera is present”.

Frontera is the best-selling Chilean wine in the United States, and the second brand with the highest contribution to Concha y Toro’s sales. Frontera’s sales in that market represent around 43% of its global sales volume, which makes it the 12th most powerful wine brand worldwide, according to Wine Intelligence’s Brand Power Index report, in its 2021 version. In addition, it is a brand that has evolved with music, being a sponsor of concerts in Chile since 2018, and associating with Spotify creating playlists and co-branding its products. But, without a doubt, 2021 meant a turning point on this path with music, becoming an official sponsor of the GRAMMY® Awards. Being associated with a brand as global as the GRAMMYs allows Frontera to take a leap in terms of international visibility and considerably expand the number of consumers it reaches with its wines.

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Music and wine, the perfect pairing | OSSOM!