“My life is going to end and I will not reach that microphone”, Juliana Velásquez on her Grammy

Juliana Velasquez reacts after being announced as the winner of the Best New Artist award during the 22nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards show in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, November 18, 2021. Picture taken November 18, 2021. REUTERS / Steve Marcus

Juliana Velásquez’s celebration does not stop, and it is not for less, at 23 she became the winner of a Latin Grammy by being chosen as the best new artist of the last year. Recently, in an interview with Noticias Caracol, the singer, who has been working in the entertainment industry for 15 years, spoke about what went through her mind when they said her name to go on stage to receive the award, and what comes next for her. ‘Juli’, as her relatives call her, ‘continues to promote the premiere of her new song song and continues to create.

“That precise moment in which they say my name, that memory of that moment, I cling like this, to my heart and my head (…) I stay with him for life”, Juliana commented that, in addition, she assured that she did not know how she managed to get on stage to thank. Seeing some of her musical idols clapping as she approached the stage was an almost surreal experience.

“I don’t know how I managed to speak, not even to walk from there to there, when I turned to look and there were Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, everyone sitting down, I said ‘My life is going to end and I will not reach that microphone’, but the strength and the desire to be able to speak a little bit about my country for me was something that prevailed ”, commented the also presenter and actress before the microphones of that newscast.

Juliana, dressed in an emerald green dress, and with gloves that said ‘speak to heal’, finally managed to arrive on stage to thank the recognition and to sing one of her most special songs, ‘Joaquín’, a fisherman who after go to do his work, he did not return home. The story of that man moved her so much that, according to what she told Infobae, last November, she decided to write him a song.

These kinds of stories deserve to be known, we live in a place of great comfort, thanks to the work of many people who provide us with what we have at home, it seemed to me the ideal time to give these people more visibility “, he told this media. “His wife is a woman who sells lunch in San Andrés and I was in a line, but I sat down with her and paid her a visit because she was very tired “The singer commented that, in addition, she remembered that that woman told her about the last kiss she gave Joaquín.

These days, Juliana has been promoting her new song ‘Disaster Woman’. In recent hours, the artist released a video in which she made a compilation of the comments she has received from her followers regarding the song. “Juli, thank you for that wonderful work of art”; “You touched me a lot, that’s how I feel right now”; “Juli knows how to sing what the depths of our soul can hide”, It is read in the comments chosen by the Bogota woman. “The most valuable thing is that the songs reach you”, Velásquez commented on his Instagram account.

Juliana, who rose to fame when she was just a child, saw in her Grammy a confirmation regarding how well she is doing things, not only from music, but from her human qualities. Working honestly and from the heart, just as she was taught at home, continues to give her rewards, so her next compositions will be the same, characterized by her fidelity to herself.

“Knowing that you have been making honest music made with your heart. I always learned from my house that it was important to think about others, not to be indifferent to many things and I think that is what fills us the most with pride “, he emphasized in his interview with that national media.

Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez
Post on Instagram by Juliana Velásquez. Photo: @julianavelasquez

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“My life is going to end and I will not reach that microphone”, Juliana Velásquez on her Grammy