Myriam Hernández between love, the Latin Grammy and reggaeton

The singer Myriam Hernández decided to share her happiness and pride for her 30-year artistic career after it became known that will receive the special award from the Latin Recording Academy at the 23rd edition of the latin grammynext November 16.

After a vote by the board of directors, the singer was chosen to receive the Musical Excellence award, becoming the first Chilean artist to receive this recognition.

“I am looking forward to receiving it! When I got the news, I realized how important it was. Manuel Abud (CEO of the Academy) called me by video call, I imagined that he would invite me to sing or announce an award, but never that it was to reward me with this recognition of excellence; that is, I feel that this is like reaffirming the dream I had since I was a child. I am happy with what I have achieved so far,” the 57-year-old singer shared.

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The recognition is based on the more than three decades of the artist’s career, with multiple Gold and Platinum Records that have made her one of the most recognized singers in Latin America with hits such as The Man I Love Smells Like Danger, A Secret Man, You look so much like him, Dangerous Love and also own authorships such as Wound Y I came back for you among other classics.

The Chilean artist who during her career has credited 13 of her singles in the Hot Latin Songs and six of her albums in the Latin Pop Albums of the Billboard ranking, being the first and only Chilean artist who has achieved number #1 for singles and sales. of albums in the US chart, is in the midst of a US tour.

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“All awards are always very important, at this point in my career receiving this award has a special connotation, because it is also the award for Excellence. When I started my career grammys did not exist, then it can be said that this award is wonderful. I don’t want to detract from any of them, because each award is very important at the time. Now, I am very excited and it motivates me to continue making my music, to continue evolving, competing with myself and I know what I do, always have new sounds, but always sing to love, “she said in an interview.

The singer is on a tour of the United States, but during the interview she said she hopes a producer is interested in taking her to Mexico.

“I have always said that Mexico received me at the beginning of my career, they were also so nice to me and it makes me very sad not to be able to return because there has not been any businessman who does it, but know that you are always in my heart. I will do a tour of 20 cities in the United States called My paradise, ”she added.

The eleventh studio album Synergy marks a new stage in the life of Myriam Hernández, “it took me 10 years to have a new album, recording took me 10 years because I wanted to fall completely in love with the songs and I did. I think I’m simply moved by love, love for what I do, love for the public, love for songs and music”.


The singer-songwriter hopes to make her dream of recording with Luis Miguel come true.

“I have had the privilege of recording with great artists whom I admire, such as Marco Antonio Solís, Cristian Castro, Gilberto Santa Rosa, but what is Luis Miguel, I love it, I would love to do something together one day,” he said, then responded. if I would do something with Bad Bunny.

“I made a response to a song by Bad Bunny and I made one for him that is on YouTube, in fact I made a video and a response to that song that he spoke with so much heartbreak; I told him, let’s talk about love and I played the same tune and I answered him. I have been a defender of love always with a simple language with real stories that people can feel identified with. At the moment we are absolutely full of urban music, where there are many songs with a very strong language. Of course there are many songs of urban music that are very beautiful, we cannot deny that when we go to a married couple at a party, we ourselves dance to those songs, because they have a happy rhythm. We thought that reggaeton was going to be two or three years old, and it’s already been 10”, he pointed out.

The Chilean artist also gave her opinion on the reggaeton lyrics.

“There are many lyrics that denigrate women, that talk about things that are not poetry, it is not to unconsciously put that into the heads of youth. For example, it is not that one does not want to talk about the subject, but the way in which it is spoken and it can be cruder, I do not agree with that, but I do agree with the actions that have been done in duets with reggaeton people more classic like Reik. I like reggaeton that talks about love, but there are other things that I absolutely do not share, “she concluded.

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Myriam Hernández between love, the Latin Grammy and reggaeton