Myriam Hernández makes her native Chile proud; she will receive the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence

Three decades of artistic career support Chilean singer-songwriter Myriam Hernándezknown as “America’s balladeer”. It is one of the most admired female voices in Latin Americawith hits certified with Gold and Platinum Records throughout the continent and essential songs of the Latin ballad, such as “El Hombre que yo amo”, “Smell of danger”, “Peligroso amor” and many more.

Since the 90’s, Myriam Hernandez has carried the name of Chile throughout Latin America, the United States and other continentswhere their albums were released.

For this and much more, Myriam Hernández will receive the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence 2022a special award granted by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciencesto performers who, during their career, have made contributions of outstanding artistic value to Latin music.

The performer will receive this well-deserved award during a ceremony that is part of the activities of the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, on November 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It should be noted that she will be the first Chilean female artist to receive the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence.

I am so excited and grateful to receive such an important and significant award in my career.

“This important distinction reminds me of many moments of my artistic career, where I have always been consistent with my style and passion, which is to sing to love, I want to thank the unconditional public that has always given me their support, from the beginning of my career until today. I am very happy, honored and enjoying this great recognition,” said Myriam Hernández.

Previously, this award has been given to Fito Páez, Joaquín Sabina, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Emmanuel, José Feliciano, Roberto Carlos, Ricardo Montaner, Charly Garcia, Pablo Milanés and Joan Báez.

During his career, Myriam Hernandez She has credited 13 of her singles on Hot Latin Songs and six of her albums on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums, being the only Chilean artist to have achieved #1 for singles and album sales on the influential North American chart.

His voice has triumphed on the most important stages of the continent, such as the Viña del Mar Festival on six occasions. Also during his career he has recorded duets with artists such as Paul Anka, Marco Antonio Solís, Cristian Castro, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Los Nocheros and collaborations with the pianist Arthur Hanlon, the Chilean group Los Tetas and the singer-songwriter Javiera Mena.

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Currently, is touring Latin America presenting his new album “Sinergia”from which songs such as “Hasta aqui” and “Te Quiero, Ti Amo” emerge, which reveal new nuances to their sound, and romantic songs such as “Ya es late”, “Mi Paraiso” and “Let’s Dance in the Dark”, themes loyal to his style, genuine and intact from his first albums.

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Myriam Hernández makes her native Chile proud; she will receive the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence