Myriam Hernández opened up after receiving the Grammy Award: “My parents traveled, it was a total pride”

Myriam Hernandez He is enjoying an important moment in his career.

The motives? The well-known national singer received the Grammy Award for “Musical Excellence”for his outstanding career and also, he is launching a new and special album dedicated to Christmas.

In this sense, at Radio Pudahuel, the radio From Chilewe had the privilege that after obtaining the important recognition, the interpreter had her first visit together with our Pablito Aguilera.

Here you can relive the incredible conversation we had with the talented and charismatic, Myriam Hernandez:

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Myriam Hernández and the details of her triumph at the Grammys

“Pretty Pablito. I arrived on Sunday, recently, to do personal things. And now the promotion starts, here with you and tell you about all this beautiful process that I have experienced this year, “he began by pointing out.

In addition, about his feelings for the important Grammy Award he received, he commented that:

«I was very excited. One always aspires, to be nominated. Winning one for a record or a song must be wonderful. But that they give you a Grammy for your career, is to reaffirm your quality, your path. It is valued by the academy. Therefore, it is one of the main awards that you can receive in your career.».

What’s more, Pablito took advantage of that moment to remember the moment in which Myriam launched her career with the album “El hombre que yo amo”, nothing less than in cassette format.

After this, Myriam confessed that to receive the important recognition, she traveled with her loved ones, her parents:

«When I received this award, I woke up that day very melancholic. The first memory I had was of my grandparents, they motivated me a lot when I was a girl. I never thought of getting such a significant award in my career. My parents traveled and they even wrote to me until last night, daughter, thank you for giving us this joy and pride to see you get that award. For me to have them is a pride ».

Radio Pudahuel

The new album and his current tour of the United States

On the other hand, about how the tour to the United States has been, Myriam Hernández commented that:

“It was wonderful. We had a full house on all dates, so it was very exciting to receive the love of the public in the United States ».

«For me it was wonderful, after two years of a pandemic, we wanted to reactivate it again. And this year a tour of 20 cities in the United States arises again. It was also very complicated in that context. However we had a great reception, a full house. So very happy. We have also had a great reception on digital platforms», detailed the former animator of the Viña Festival.

For her part, on the song “Luz”, which is part of her new Christmas album, Myriam commented that:

«This song is beautiful, by Jacobo (producer of the record), it already has more than 1 million views on YouTube. The lyrics are in the video, with various Christmas details, the children are amazed watching it. It’s very pretty.”

Your new challenges

In the same way, about the occasions in which he has tried new styles, as in this case with Christmas songs, part of his new album with more than 12 hits:

«I like challenges. I like to do different things, in fact I also invited the new generation of singers to my Movistar concert, Princesa Alba, Consuelo Schuster, Flor del Rap. I was with Mon Laferte, I recorded the song Dunas with Javiera Mena, I have met Paloma Mami in Puerto Rico, Denise Rosenthal hugs me when she sees me. I have a very respectful connection.”

Likewise, regarding what her next steps are, Myriam announced that:

«In December I still have presentations in the United States. Right now I have presentations in the south of Chile, in Ecuador, Colombia, some Caribbean countries. Now I enjoy everything much more. I also have a very healthy life routine too. He introduced me, I go to the hotel, a shower, food and sleep. I don’t go out, I take care of myself to be able to attend concerts. I do physical exercises every day, I get up at 8 in the morning and the truth is that I am very active. I eat healthy, so I have a good time ».

Finally, the mythical national singer left a tender message to Pablito Aguilera and also to the public of Radio Pudahuel:

«You know everything that I love you. And what you tell me excites me. I love coming here, I feel like my family.”

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Myriam Hernández opened up after receiving the Grammy Award: “My parents traveled, it was a total pride”