Nicki Minaj and Latto star in rappers’ fight for the Grammy Awards

In the month of November the famous music awards ceremony that is under the name of grammys He will be giving the names of the nominees for his next installment, which will be at the beginning of the year 2023, so the artists are already talking about this topic, which turned out to be very controversial.

One of the music celebrities would go out to raise his voice to talk about his disagreement is Nicki Minajafter having sent his successful single of the year “Super Freaky Girl“As a candidate to be nominated in the rap category and not be, she would have a lot to say about this decision.

Since it turns out that the organizers of this important event believe that there is more to classify this song in the pop genre, when really the Trinidadian She has been in rap all her life, being one of the pioneers by being a woman and achieving tremendous success in rap that was governed by men.

But the controversy does not end simply in the discontent of Nicki Minaj with the Grammys by saying that “Super Freaky Girl” it’s pop when she’s clearly rapping almost the entire song, but she mentions “bigenergyof the rapper latto.

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Giving it as an example since both melodies are pigeonholed as pop-rap, and only that of the Trinidadian rapper was moved to pop, however, she is not the only artist who is going through exactly the same problem, well Beyonce, Taylor Swift they have the same situation.

For which latto disconcerted, she began to contact the interpreter of “Anaconda” to be able to understand what she was talking about, however, neither of them could talk about it peacefully, so the new rapper who has been playing a lot this year, directly attacked Nicky.

Accusing her of already being “old” enough to mess with her, so both parties filled social networks with tweets talking about each other, when it really all started because Nicki Minaj wanted everything to be fair, at first there was nothing against Lato.

Well, the interpreter of “Big Energy” published some screenshots of the chat she had with Minaj, where they were supposed to clarify things but they didn’t, on the contrary, they ended up making it even bigger.

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Nicki Minaj and Latto star in rappers’ fight for the Grammy Awards