Nicole Zignago, Latin Grammy 2022: from studying at Berklee to singing at the National Stadium in front of 50 thousand people

National proud. the peruvian artist Nicole Zignago She has just achieved a milestone in her musical career: being nominated for Best New Artist at the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, which will take place on November 17.

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Born on December 27, 1995 in the city of Lima, Nicole is the daughter of national singer-songwriter Gian Marco and Claudia Moro. It was at home that she learned to love music thanks to her father. She knows more about the Peruvian candidate for the Latin Grammy, here.

the beginnings

From a young age, Nicole knew that she wanted to pursue music. But, only at the age of 17, she made the decision to make it her profession. “I was surrounded by music all the time and, when I sang and uploaded covers to Instagram, people told me that I sang beautifully, we connected, that pushed me to continue, to take music seriously”revealed to El Comercio.

Thus, when he came of age, he went to live in Los Angeles (United States) with his family. He entered the Berklee School of Music and that is where he met the Mexican Marco Mares, who would become one of his best friends and his partner in the musical project “La Ola”.

Despite the constant growth that Nicole Zignago has had within the competitive music industry, she did have doubts when deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps. “Meeting talented people at Berklee University prepared me a lot for the industry because there will always be someone just as or more talented than you”assured.

Many think that her debut as a singer was at La Estación de Barranco in 2015; However, she confessed that it really happened a year earlier, in 2014, thanks to an invitation from her friend to a pop and rock night at the same venue. “Until now I keep the entry because several names came out, including mine. It has a super nice value”, he added.

His first international hit

At just 23 years old, Nicole composed the song “1, 2, 3” with her friend Sofía Reyes, as well as fellow artist Ricky Montaner, a member of the duo Mau y Ricky. Through a video on Instagram, the Peruvian artist confirmed that the lyrics were written on May 26, 2016 and several changes were made until the final result was obtained.

It was a surprise for the songwriters to learn that international artists like Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto wanted to join the collaboration. The song, which was released on February 16, 2018, already accumulates – at the end of this note – more than 758 million views on YouTube.

“This song changed our lives”Nicole Zignago is heard saying before ending the video posted on social networks.

continue the race

Gian Marco’s eldest daughter continued to make her own name in the international industry and that is how she wrote the single “Taxi” for Mariah Angeliq and Guaynaa. The theme, a reggaeton with provocative lyrics, was written by the Peruvian along with the Puerto Rican Mariah. In less than 24 hours of release, “Taxi” exceeded 100 thousand views on YouTube.

After that, he continued with his own productions, and that is how he premiered songs like “Questions”, “Who would say it”, “Karate”, “Feelings” and “I like that I like you”. Later, she decided to release her first EP “Asi Me Siento Hoy” which includes the compilation of these five songs, adding the single “7 letters”. Meanwhile, her first album is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

On July 16, Nicole Zignago had the opportunity to appear in front of more than 50,000 people at the National Stadium in Lima during the show offered by her father in celebration of her 30-year career. “Playing my music with Sofía Reyes and Marco Mares was incredible. It was nice to share my songs with my dad’s audience and also meet mine “assured El Comercio.

First Latin Grammy nomination

Among Nicole’s plans, she has always been setting certain goals within her musical career to project her future in the industry. Thus, during an interview with El Comercio, she confessed that in the future she would like to win a Grammy. “What I want most right now is to release my album, I am also dying to play here, in my country, in Peru, to do a concert with my own music, to sell out. Later, in the long run, I would like to win a Grammy”, he expressed last July.

A short time later, specifically on Tuesday, September 20, the news of his first nomination for the Latin Grammy, organized by the Latin Recording Academy, arrived. She participates in the category of Best New Artist, where she competes with other singers such as Angela Álvarez, Sofía Campos, Cande and Paulo, Clarissa, Silvana Estrada, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale and Yahritza and Esencia de Ella.

Through Instagram, Gian Marco’s daughter was happy after being nominated for Best New Artist, one of the most important categories of the event. “Thanks to you because my songs would not find a home, they would not be alive without your love. Thanks to my country that saw me sing for the first time; taking you with me everywhere is important to me. THANK YOU”reads the description of the post.

His father also dedicated some emotional words to the eldest of his three children. “You did it alone, my daughter, like a champion. This is absolutely to your credit and no one else’s. Enjoy it, embrace this special moment. This is just the beginning. Love you”wrote.

Next Thursday, November 17, we will find out if the Peruvian Nicole Zignago wins the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Other Peruvians such as Eva Ayllón, Susana Baca and Araceli Poma accompany her in this edition of the awards in their respective categories.

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Nicole Zignago, Latin Grammy 2022: from studying at Berklee to singing at the National Stadium in front of 50 thousand people