Nominated for New Artist at the Latin Grammys.

The annual Latin Grammy Awards will take place this Thursday, November 17, at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, where the best of Latin music will be awarded, released from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. One of the categories that cause the greatest expectation in the evening is that of Best New Artist, here we will share a little about the nominees.

Angela Alvarez
95-year-old Cuban singer and songwriter, who despite wanting to be a singer since she was a child, has had a complicated life, leaving Cuba in 1962, to live for a while in the United States, then in Mexico and Puerto Rico . It wasn’t until last year that one of his grandsons, Carlos José Álvarez, who is a well-known film composer, helped him fulfill his dream, and managed to produce his first album, which bears his name and is made up of 15 songs that Ángela has written throughout her life. The themes, mostly boleros and danzones, were inspired by the love for her late husband and the daughter she lost several years ago, also highlighting the longing for Cuba, to which she has not returned for fear of not recognizing it. After the album, a documentary titled “Miss Angela” directed by Paul Toogood and Lloyd Stanton was also released, Angela’s music has around 13 thousand listeners on Spotify.


Nominated for New Artist at the Latin Grammys

candé and paulo
Cande Buasso and Paulo Carrizo are a jazz duo originally from San Juan, Argentina, who rose to fame in 2017 for a video of them performing “Barro Tal Vez” by Luis Alberto Spinetta, which today has more than 15 Millions of views on YouTube. In 2021 they released their debut album, produced by Larry Klein, under the Decca Records label, where Cande (voice and double bass) and Paulo (keyboard and arrangements), deliver twelve reinterpretations of songs by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, Rodrigo Amarante, Atahualpa Yupanqui, and Neil Young. Currently, the duo has over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

23-year-old Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress and influencer, rose to fame with her song “Nada Contra (Ciúme)” which went viral on TikTok, reaching Top 1, was in the Top Viral 50 on Spotify Brazil and Portugal, and Top 100 Brazil on all platforms, currently on Spotify the single has more than 35 million views. In 2021, he released his first 5-song EP, and his debut album “para-raio”, produced by Virgin Music Brasil, which premiered this Friday, November 11, while his single “bonita e miserável” already has more of 2 million reproductions.

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Felipe González Abad, known as Nabález, is a Colombian singer, who sings regional Mexican music, grew up in Atlanta, but studied music in Boston, Massachusetts and has worked as a producer and composer for artists such as J Balvin, Sebastián Yatra, Reik and Tini. His first single “La correcta” was released in 2018, in collaboration with the band Morat, and currently has more than 132 million views. In 2021 he signed with the record company “Fonovisa”, he has released several collaborations and singles, with artists such as Majo Aguilar and Edith Márquez.

Nicole Zignago
A 26-year-old Peruvian singer-songwriter, she began writing songs at a very young age. She studied music at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, United States. She has written hits like “1,2,3” by Sofía Reyes and “Taxi” by Mariah and Guaynaa. In 2019 she debuted as a singer with the song “La ola”, together with Marco Mares. In 2020 she released her first single as a soloist “Preguntas (?)”, she participated in the remix of “Ella” together with Pitizion and Kenia Os, which has more than 27 million views. In 2021 she signed with the record label Warner Music Mexico. This year she released her first EP “Así Me Siento Hoy”, composed of 6 songs.

Silvana Estrada
He was born in Mexico, studied Jazz in his country and then went to live in New York, where he composed his first album “Lo Sagrado” with Charlie Hunter. In 2018 she became popular for her EP, which included “Te Guardo” and “Al Norte”, which has more than 36 million streams on Spotify. She has collaborated with artists such as Natalia Lafourcade, Mon Laferte, Playa Limbo and Caloncho. Recently, she was on tour in Europe and the United States. In addition to this category, she is also nominated for “Best Songwriter Album” for her album “Marchita”, which she released this year.

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Sofia Campos
He was born in Argentina, grew up in Brazil and lives in Mexico. He began his musical career in 2018, with an EP “Rosa Laranja”, followed by his first album in 2019 “Salvar el Fuego”, and in 2021 he released his second album, “Lugares Imaginarios” in which there is a collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade .

Pol Granch
Pablo Grandjean was born in Madrid to a French father and a Spanish mother. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and uploaded covers to Instagram, for which in 2018 the producer of the talent show “Factor X Spain” contacted him to participate. In 2019 he released his first EP entitled “Pol Granch”, in 2020 he released his debut album “Tengo que calmarme” which spent more than twenty weeks on the charts in Spain. In 2020 he rose to fame for his leading role in the fourth season of the hit Netflix series “Elite”, in 2021 came “Shooting” his collaboration with Marc Seguí, and remix with Rauw Alejandro, which obtained four discs of Platinum in certified record sales, it currently has more than 400 million streams on Spotify.

She was born in Venezuela, but has lived in Peru since she was 9 years old, currently she is only 17 years old, she is an independent artist signed by Periko & Jessi Leon’s PJ Records label. This year she released her first EP titled “Dieciséis” made up of five songs, all of her own, and her single “Ella” has more than 150,000 views.

It is a Colombian duo, made up of the twins Valeria and Valentina Pérez, singer-songwriters who began to release music in 2019, their first single “Aguaceros” has more than a million views on Spotify. In 2021 they signed with Virgin Music Latin and released their debut album “Línea Recta”, where their single “Para verte” stands out, produced by Juanes, Sebastián Krys and Daniel “Vago” Galindo.

Yahritza and Her Essence
It is a trio of Mexican brothers born in Yakima Washington, United States; Yahritza, Mando and Jairo, who were dedicated to picking fruits in the field with their family, but Yahritza, 15, uploaded videos singing to the internet, so they were signed by the Lumbre Music label, by Ramon Ruiz and Alex Guerra from Legado 7 His sound is the regional Mexican guitar-based, very inspired by the famous “corridos tumbados”, his album “Obsessed” came out in June of this year, which includes his hit “Soy el único”, a single that has more than 68 million views on YouTube.

If we go by the numbers of these artists, we could point to Pol Granch being the winner of the Best New Artist statuette, since he is the one who has the most monthly listeners on music platforms, followed by Yahritza and Su Esencia, who lately They are extremely popular in the United States, but commercial popularity is not everything, and among critics, the work that has the best reviews is that of the Mexican Silvana Estrada. (Erika C. Moroyoqui / Special for ZETA)

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Nominated for New Artist at the Latin Grammys.