Opinion | Do you believe that I believe you?

Veronique Abreu Tañón’s interview with Rubén Sánchez turned out to be a declaration of love, but it was not, she laughed at everything and it shows… that she is in love.

Ruben talked about his four children and how terrible it was. Was he really terrible? He still is, but he didn’t talk about his love, he turned around like a snail. Veronique helped him a lot to get him out of the hole, when he saw that he did not remember something.

So after listening to him, you have to ask the question that he loves: “Do you believe that I believe you?”

As I know him from Notiuno, I know the answer. Hello, thank you. Congratulations to the lovebirds.

Now that WKAQ 580 is moving to Wapa TV, will Veronique continue on ABC 5?

I had been told that she was being considered as a reporter for TeleOnce’s “Las Noticias” before the program began on the air, but the offer from ABC Five came to her and she went headlong. Obviously, at the rating level, there is no way to compare it with TeleOnce, but they claim that they treat it well and love it $$$$ in a big way, plus it is less pressure than being on the street all day. Umm.

looking for someone to lead

Well, after Wapa came out of the tostón to look for a vice president of News and appoint Niria Ruiz, now it is assured that the next jewel in the crown will be the direction of the program “I know everything”. And she has to search soon before they knock her rating down.

Rumors and more rumors tend to indicate that Carlitos Rojas, Yulianna Vargas and Saudy Rivera are in the running.

They tell me that a well-known Telemundo producer looks askance at that position, but since she does not have a good relationship with Niria Ruiz, she would be ruled out before announcing the winner. But we’ll see.

tremendous warrior

The warrior Jeffrey Cerda was yesterday handing out toys in Barrio Obrero, in a children’s hospital and in Río Piedras. tremendous example.


The Latin Grammy Awards could move to Europe if a preliminary agreement is signed in January, according to information from the Mother Country.

In fact, one of the countries that had been mentioned was Puerto Rico, but it seems that the Miss World experience did not help. The Grammy agreement would be that a television channel from Spain will join Univisión United States in the production. Apparently the singer Rosalía or her producers have endorsed that it be done in Spain after she won this year. As we said a few months ago, the Grammys are moving away from reggaeton a bit. If they do the award ceremony in Miami again, that genre will monopolize.

The Grammys are looking at other trends, like the surprise awards for Jorge Drexler.

We all know that many of the reggaeton players write the song, make the musical arrangements, if any, they record it, put changes in their voice and tune it, finally they advertise it on the networks without any record company intervening. For some, the latter are devalued and if this continues, many people will lose their jobs and are trying to avoid a bigger crisis than the current one. We’ll see if, when they move to Spain, they evade a bit of reggaeton, which is, after all, the one who swallowed them up in recent years. It seems that they are waking up or want to discover the Old World. Hellothank you.

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Opinion | Do you believe that I believe you?