Pascal experiments with pop and trap in “Así quieremos”

Music is an art that over time has evolved in many facets and aspects, which has created different genres and sounds, which, over time, have become more famous than others. This has caused that there are also experimentations and combinations to be able to give new sounds.

In the last decade, one of the sounds has managed to achieve fame above others already known, of course we are talking about pop, which has positioned itself in the highest ranks of popularity; however, it has not been exempt from experimentation and combinations with other sounds, such is the case of Pascala young Peruvian who was even invited to the red carpet of the Latin Grammys and that his work is a combination of pop and trap.

In interview for Chronicle ScenarioPascal tells us how he feels using these two sounds that for many may seem to be a somewhat strange combination due to the very essence of the genres: “I am super happy with the combination of these two sounds that together might seem strange but that we all like,” he said.

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“As an artist I like versatility and not fit into one sound, so today there are many different ways of making music and doing this is a way of innovating,” Pascal said.

The best way to recognize these two merged sounds is found in his 12 singles that have catapulted him as one of Peru’s revelation artists; however, it is his most recent single “This is how we love each other”which in just over a month already has nearly 30,000 views on digital platforms.

“The truth is that with ‘Así nos quieros’ we have done very well and the fans have liked it a lot, especially the lyrics and that makes me happy, that they like it and feel identified so that they can connect with people. This is a career that demands 100 percent of your time, the industry moves too fast and you always have to be present, so I have to be there all the time creating new things, so it’s complicated but there are a lot of things and planning to do,” he said.

Pascal experiments with pop and trap in “Así quieremos”


“Of course, right now the digital age helps us a lot, but so many new things are also coming out at the same time, that we have to be making noise and bringing out new things throughout the year, so this 2023 many great things are coming, which I am sure you will like a lot to our audience,” he concluded.

“Así nos quieres” is a ballad that fuses pop with trap and in a short time it has become her third most listened to single on digital platforms. During 2022, Pascal had a great tour of different cities in Peru such as Lima, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Piura, among other places, to finally close his musical year on November 25 and 27 in Mexico City.

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Pascal experiments with pop and trap in “Así quieremos”