Pedro Capó: “Composing is my therapy and my space for relief”

Pedro Capo He recently released his fifth record material, “La Neta”. The artist went through a creative process in which he was very faithful to his personal experiences and invited internationally recognized artists to collaborate with him on the album.

In dialogue with Caras Magazine, Pedro Capo He talked about his love for our country, revealed his favorite songs from this latest release, and anticipated when he will tour Argentina.

First of all, congratulations on the release of your new record material, I want to know how you are, how you feel with this new, son, that you just had.

Peter:—Well, happy, proud, excited, grateful for the beautiful reception you are already having. There is always a bittersweet feeling because you have to let go, a job next to the record is never finished, they give up, they say. So, you have to release it to the world now and enjoy that process of presenting it to people, defending it and going to play it right away. But the feeling that reigns above all is gratitude.

Pedro Capo:
Pedro Capo.

If you had to tell someone who hasn’t heard it yet what your new album is like, how would you present it?

Peter:—A mirror of ourselves, of the human condition. I present it from my abilities, my reality and my personal experiences, but I also think that what I live I live everything and vice versa. We all go through sadness, we all have fears, we all have discomfort, we all feel incredibly good one day and all of that is valid to document, talk about and normalize, yes it is an honest record, of the truth that I go through and that all of us go through a lot .

I had the pleasure of listening to it in its entirety and that’s exactly what I was going to tell you about, what’s on the new album is very varied. What inspires you when writing, composing?

Peter: -Life itself. What emerges is what I have experienced at that moment in my life, so those are the things that I document, because it is what I do and because it is also my therapy, my space to vent and to keep myself more or less balanced with the intention always. that it can be the story of every person who hears it. But life inspires me, its movement, its emotional, physical, introspective processes, that moves me.

Pedro Capo:
Pedro Capo.

You already have three Grammys. Do you think that with this new record material we can go for the fourth?

Peter: —Well, one always has the illusion, right? I believe in what is mine until the end, but it is not the intention with which I do things. Especially on this record there was no ‘let’s go for a hit’ process, or ‘let’s not respect the integrity of the concept’. Here 50 songs were not made to choose the best 20, what was written during the process is what it was, it is what it is. But I hope so, I believe in the album, I think it deserves it. I always feel that everything I do is worth it (laughs).

Of the ten songs, which is your favourite?

Peter: —Oh, they make it difficult for me.

I can tell you mine: “La Neta” and “Thank you”

Peter:— Uyyy, “La Neta” is one of my favorites, “Thank you” too. It happens that the ones that have already come out I have been living with them a little longer and they will always be my favorites. But yes, right now I’m gravitating a lot, feeling a lot about “La Neta”. “5 y 3” I like a lot and “Volver a Casa” for me is a special song, definitely.

Pedro Capo:
Pedro Capo.

Pedro talked about the collaborations on his album

Lali Espósito was one of the artists chosen by the singer-songwriter to give “Una Vez Más” her personal touch. On the other hand, the interpreter of “Ni Tan Novios, Ni Tan Amigos” also summoned Ñejo, a Puerto Rican singer who participated in “Ojos Claros”.

Peter: — Yes, we were with Lali there. I love her very much, I respect her very much, she is talented, versatile, plus she has a very nice work ethic. I say it everywhere It’s very rare that very successful artists answer quickly, but it’s very refreshing and flattering when they answer you in one go, and Lali did so. She got the song and she wrote to me that same day and in a matter of a couple of days, she already had her recorded version.. As a human being he is amazing and his artistic and creative contribution to the song was adding to and elevating the theme, so thankful. Y Ñejo, he is a guy that I have grown very fond of, he is genuine, extremely talented and his contribution was what the song had to do, I wanted an old school rap, street and the guy has that very clear.

When looking for a collaboration, how do you search for the artist that you are going to incorporate into your song?

Peter: —There are different ways. When I already work with the artist from the composition and from there we have a clear intention in common. And there are moments when the song tells me who it is, who it asks. With “Ojos Claros” I never wrote a second verse, because I always felt that rap that I was talking about before and Ñejo for me was the guy who could bring that rawness and he did so, I never gave him specifications or said ‘look, let’s go here, let’s go there’ I gave him the open field and the guy did what they do to measure. With Lali the same, the song is a very personal conversation between a boy and a girl on the phone and talks about that call or text at 2 in the morning in a relationship that may no longer work, but traces remain and that need to continue playing with the wound or with what remains. Lali who is a great actress, a great interpreter, composer and dancer and perfectly tuned with the theme and elevated the song.

When will Pedro Capó come to Argentina?

When are we going to have you on tour around the country?

Peter:— Well already crazy to return. We were there a little while ago I want to go back now and I think we are there for March. You might go earlier they told me something the other day, but sure, sure, in March. We are going to tour Latin America and many citiessome in which we have already been and others that we have not, but we will be announcing the dates soon.

The Argentine public love you a lot

Peter:—And I to you, a lot, a lot. I had the opportunity to be there with my dear and most generous Luciano Pereira who invited me to Luna Park and his single “Sin Haber Dormido” has also come out with him. They treat me very well there, I’m a fan of culture, food, and music that has marked me throughout my life, so I’m already looking forward to introducing ourselves and March looks beautiful.

Pedro Capo:
Pedro Capo.

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Pedro Capó: “Composing is my therapy and my space for relief”