Pedro Osuna: “All the decisions you make are for love and passion”

Born in Grenade and settled in The Angels, Peter Osuna it’s a composer of classical music and soundtracks for movies, series, and video games. He has established himself as a new voice in the music world and his career has been described as “meteoric”. At 21, he made history by becoming the first Berklee student to compose music for an Oscar-nominated film while still in school, and at 22, the youngest to score a James Bond film.

At the age of three he began to sing in the school choir and study music, and later began to study the violin. At the age of 7, she began to learn classical piano, while improvising and composing in his spare time. At the Granada Conservatory she fell in love with Bach and Beethovenand later he would discover the music of John Barry, Alberto Iglesias, Ennio Morricone, Thelonious Monk, Bill Evans, Quincy Jones, Alexandre Desplat, and other composers who became his heroes. He often improvised instead of reading sheet music in piano lessons, changing chords to sound sad or happy. At 16 she began assisting composers, and at 17 she orchestrated an award-nominated documentary Goya. At the age of 18, she moved to Boston to study Composition and Music for Film at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he was President of the Society of Composers of the University and Assistant Director of the Contemporary Symphony Orchestra. He continued his studies in UCLA and later in the prestigious Chigiana Academy in Siena, Italy, where he obtained the recognition of excellence for the best composition.

In 2018, P won the most prestigious award given by Berklee’s film music department, a Special Mention for the ‘Most Notable Musician’ at the IBLA Grand Prix and the Rick Applin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fugue Composition. Thanks to the Wachter Fellowship, he lived in Los Angeles during the summer of 2018, where he worked for Lucas Vidal in the series Elite of Netflix. at 22 graduated Summa Cum Laude in Orchestral Conducting and Film Music and a few months later he had composed the music for 3 feature films. He is currently continuing his studies with Richard DanielpourGrammy-winning composer and student of Leonard Bernstein.

His classical music has been performed in Boston, New York, Granada, and Los Angeles, and his most recent collaborations include pieces for multi-Grammy-winning soprano Hila Plitmann, and films such as Lightyear by Pixar, 007: no time to die (music by Hans Zimmer), Klaus (2019) –nominated for an Oscar and winner of a BAFTA where he was an additional composer–, the blockbuster by Simon West The Legend Hunters (co-composer), the Dubai Expo (with Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman), and Thor: Love and Thunder from Marvel.

Falla Manual Course

From July 4 to 8, Pedro has coordinated the Grade of musical creation: the composer in the 21st century and music for audiovisual media. The workshop has taken as headquarters the Federico Garcia Lorca Center and has occupied a total of 25 hours. A total of 20 places were available for which composers, teachers at conservatories and higher schools of music and secondary education, students of higher degree of Composition, graduates in History and Sciences of Music, graduates and students of the degree in Computer Engineering, as well as all those interested in musical creation, regardless of their academic background.

The talent of Granada

-What have you enjoyed the most with the Music Creation Course?

-This workshop revolves around the figure of the 21st century composer linked to technology, which I think we should embrace so as not to become obsolete. There is a lot of talent in Granada and I wanted the students to have the tools to make music of the highest level that would lead them to do projects. I am very grateful for the technological deployment and the organizers of the course. Wonders can be done in Granada Music and Dance FestivalThey always bring the best. I think this course is going to change the lives of the students. Returning to Spain to teach what I have learned is a privilege.

”I think this course is going to change the lives of the students”

What do you think is the most important thing to learn?

-I always put a lot of emphasis on music for audiovisuals, but I never discriminate between its different functions. I think they should learn how to work as a team and what the correct attitudes are.

-How did you realize that you wanted to dedicate yourself to composing soundtracks?

-I grew up in Granada and music was always a game for me, I liked to play Bach, for example, and touch it happy and then sad. He changed the melodies and provoked emotions and sensations in people and that seemed hilarious and exciting to me. I discovered that this was a job and started doing it non-stop. I went from improviser to soundtrack creator. I had studied classical composition, but I wasn’t excited about it until I moved on to soundtracks and saw that you can take it to a really fun level of depth.

-Your career is fast-paced, what would you highlight about your career?

-I think that the most important thing is that all the decisions you make are for love and passion. At the age of 17 I went to the boston school with a scholarship and from that moment I began to work with great composers, Oscar winners, nominees for grammys. We are people who make projects of all kinds of the classical, I think that you are always part of the orchestra, a synthesizer is just as emotional. I like to make music that people want to hear.

“This year I am making my first film as a composer, ‘Argentina 1985′”

-You have participated in numerous projects, what is coming?

Klaus It was my first big project and from then on everything was shot, with a lot of work. This year I am making my first film as a composer, Argentina 1985. It’s my first soundtrack as main composer, the director is from Santiago Miter and the producer is Victor Alonsothis being a great honor.

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Pedro Osuna: “All the decisions you make are for love and passion”