Piqué and ‘the pan for the handle’: Shakira’s treasure that she would exhibit in her office

Pique and Shakira They cannot get out of the scrutiny they have been under since they announced their separation.

It seems to be so much the interest of the entertainment press to know new details of the separation that there is no gesture or movement that has no value.

This Thursday, the greatest attention was paid to Shakira’s unexpected reaction to the insistent questions of two reporters who wanted to know their opinion about the alleged new relationship that the footballer maintains with another woman.

Now, a new detail has taken its own echo: the ‘treasure’ of the barranquillera that Piqué would keep in his office.

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I hammered, with ‘the frying pan by the handle’

Shakira and Piqué seek to reach a separation agreement on good terms for the sake of their children.


Instagram: @3gerardpique

The ‘paparazzi’ Jordi Martin, who has followed the separation from the beginning, reported on the program ‘El gordo y la flaca’ that Piqué keeps a Shakira treasure in Kosmos, his company.

“In Piqué’s office, in Kosmos, Shakira’s Grammy awards are still on display, which he has not returned”said the reporter.

And although he assured that he does not know if Shakira has claimed them, he did say that the statuettes remain exhibited in the place.

It is unclear if he is referring to the 15 awards the singer has won.

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Piqué will leave Spain?

Pique and Shakira

Shakira and Piqué met in 2010, at the World Cup in South Africa.


Instagram: @3gerardpique

According to Helena Condis, sports journalist for ‘Cope’, Piqué’s current situation in Barcelona is very complicated.

“Piqué is sick and tired of the paparazzi. This Friday, he even told an important person in the club that he is considering leaving Spain, because he could not stand these persecutions and interference in his private life anymore “commented the reporter in the framework of Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Sevilla away from home.

His possible departure, Condis hinted, promptly responds to the exacerbated scrutiny that the player has suffered since his separation from Shakira was announced.

Although the information is presented very much according to the context of the player, the decision could interfere in the alleged dispute over the custody of their children.

Until now, Piqué has not spoken publicly about it.

He only announced legal action after suffering “interference that crosses the limits of legality” since he announced his separation from Shakira, emphasizing that the “rights” of his children have been violated.

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In fact, Martin went further:

“According to internal club sources, Piqué told the board of his desire to leave the club, and they tell me that it is almost a fact that he will play for Inter Miami, and that he even already has a verbal agreement, something that would help Shakira. in his desire to live in South Florida. However, he and the Colombian have not yet reached an agreement.”he pointed out in his latest report.

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Piqué and ‘the pan for the handle’: Shakira’s treasure that she would exhibit in her office