Presenter of the Grammys was criticized for saying that Vicente Fernández could not attend the gala

Jimmie Allen showed that he did not know Vicente Fernández

During the non-televised event prior to the Grammy Awards 2022where mention was made of the first winners of one of the multiple categories of the gala, A disconcerting event occurred that Internet users, especially Mexicans, did not ignore.

And it is that the music singer country Jimmie Allenwho presented the winner to Best Regional Mexican Albumhe said after announcing as the winner Vicente Fernandez who could not attend the award ceremony in Las Vegas, since the famous Charro from Huentitan passed away on December 12, 2021.

In this category, which includes Tejano music, Christian Nodal (“Ayayay! Super Deluxe”), Natalia Lafourcade (“A Song for Mexico, Vol. II”), Mon Laferte (“Six”) and Aída Cuevas ( ”Antología de la Música Ranchera, Vol. 2″), but it was the Mexican artist who was honored even after his death.

the singer of Law of the hill Y Divine women he won a posthumous award for his last work before he died: at my 80sbut at the time of making it known, the American musician made a mistake and made it obvious.

@RecordingAcad awarded Vicente Fernández Photo: Twitter/@RecordingAcad

“(Vicente Fernández) did not come either, but congratulations. This is a great honor, even if you couldn’t attend today”said Allen, who probably does not know Fernández’s identity and also that the charro has already passed away.

The critics did not wait for the musician, because it seemed, according to multiple Internet users, that Allen did not know one of the greatest icons of the Mexican regional genrecausing greater surprise the fact that the musician presented such a category without knowing much about the subject.

“How did they say that Vicente Fernández could not go to the Grammys”, “They reward Vicente Fernández and the presenter says He did not come?”, “Who tells Vicente Fernández not to go?”, are some of the comments that They were surprised at the musician’s ignorance regarding the internationally famous charro.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States wanted to recognize Vicente Fernández’s latest record work in a section of the Grammys in which musical subgenres such as banda, norteño, corrido, mariachi, grupero and ranchera are grouped. And although this category could be thought to be more related to the Latin Grammy, it is the “Anglo” edition of the gala where he joined.

His work "in my 80's" was recognized by the academy (Photo: Instagram/@_vicentefdez)
His work “A mis 80’s” was recognized by the academy (Photo: Instagram/@_vicentefdez)

The album at my 80scomposed of 13 songs of his authorship that include The boat, don’t insist anymore heart, I swear I’ll never come back oa my grandsonsaw the light in December 2020 and tonight was awarded at the 64th edition of the Grammys, which they return to the ‘normal’, but this time from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, due to the increase in positive cases for COVID-19 experienced by Los Angeles, the city that traditionally served as the venue for the gala, in January.

Throughout his entire career, Chente recorded more than a hundred albums, he shot 20 films and received innumerable awards in life such as: three Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, 14 Lo Nuestro Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

throughout his career got 14 nominations including that of this 2022. While in the Latin Grammy obtained 14 nominations and nine statuettes.

The death of Charro from Huentitan deeply shocked his millions of fans, his colleagues and especially his family, according to the reporters who came to receive the health report, their children and grandchildren had been meeting for a couple of days at the Country 2000 hospital in Guadalajarasite where the singer died in December 2021.


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Presenter of the Grammys was criticized for saying that Vicente Fernández could not attend the gala