Recording Academy Adds Dozens of Credits to Grammy-Nominated Bad Bunny Album

The Recording Academy added the names of dozens of collaborators to the historic Grammy contender for Album of the Year by Bad Bunny, A summer without you. It also changed the credits of five other nominees in the category.

The nominations for the 65th annual Grammy Awards were announced on November 15, but the Academy has made dozens of adjustments and corrections to the list, which post on your website. That’s to be expected for a list that includes thousands of nominees in 91 categories.

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Some of the changes to Bunny’s credits are minor, but of course important to these people. Songwriter Martin Coogan’s name was corrected from Mick Coogan. Corrected the spelling of the last name of singer-songwriter Julián Quiles Betancourt, from Bentancourt.

A summer without you It is the first production completely in Spanish nominated for a Grammy for album of the year. This is how the credits now appear in the nominations for this album. (Changes and additions are in bold.)

A summer without you

Bad Bunny

Rauw Alejandro, Bomba Estéreo, Buscabulla, Chencho Corleone, Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize & The Marías, guest artists; BYRD, De La CruzDemy & Clipz, Elikai, HassiDO, Albert HypePatience, Cheo Legendary, richie lopezMAG, MagicOnTheBeat, Masis, MICK, Jesus Alberto MolinaBlackberry, Jota Rosa, SCOTTTurn it up Neo, TAINY & ZULIA, producers; Josh Gudwin & Roberto Rosado, engineers/mixers; Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, Kamil AssadBenito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, Julian Quiles Betancourt, Leutrim BequiriRaquel Berrios, Abner Jose Cordero Boria, Marco Daniel Borrero, Joaquin Calderon Bravo, Harry Alexis Ramos CabreraJoshua Conway, Martin Cogan, Kaled Elikai CordovaOrlando Javier Valle Vega, Jesus Nieves Cortes, Jose Cruz, Misael De La CruzLuis delValle, Scott Dittrich, Etienne Gagnon, Jason Garcia, Juan Diego Linares Gonzalez, Nicolas Jara, Ritchie Lopez, Steve Martinez-FunesMarcos Masis, Michael Masis, Adrian McKinnon, Alberto Carlos Melendez, Jesus Alberto Molina, Freddy MontalvoGabriel Mora, Hector Pagan, Darwin Cordale Quinn, Tony Felician Rivera, Jose Raphael Arce Rodriguez, Joel Hernandez Rodriguez, Egbert Rosa, Roberto Rosado, Joselly Rosario, Elena Rose, Liliana Margarita Saumet & Maria Zardoya, composers; Colin Leonard, mastering engineer.

Here are the changes that have been made to five of the other nominees in the category to date:


Four songwriters’ names were removed: Jerel Black, Jimi Stephen Payton, Andrew Richardson and Freddie Ross. Removed the phrase “From the Internet” after composer Patrick Paige II’s name.

Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers/Kendrick Lamar

Added several names: Mike Larson, Engineer/Mixer; Johnny Juliano, producer; Timothy Maxie, producer; and John Julian, Danny McKinnon and Ely Rise, songwriters.

The Donuts was dropped as producer. Two names were adjusted: songwriter/producer Tyler Mehlenbacher was changed to Tyler Reese; that of mastering engineer Michelle Mancini was changed to Emerson Mancini.


Here also the name of the mastering engineer Michelle Mancini was changed to Emerson Mancini.


John Hanes was added as engineer/mixer.

Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe)/Mary J. Blige

Adriana Flores and Bryan Ponce were dropped as songwriters.

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Recording Academy Adds Dozens of Credits to Grammy-Nominated Bad Bunny Album