Residente, beyond the ‘tiraera’ with Balvin: anti-imperialist, king of Grammys and BSO of the gang…

Two do not fight if you do not want to. Except in the rap. The tradition of the genre has left us monumental battles between bars. The last one, which slipped into all mobile phones, had as its protagonist Rene Perez Joglar, Residentriding on the mocking bases of Bizarrap, and with a clear objective: J Balvin.

The tiraera, direct and hurtfulit was beef gossip. But also, whatever there is between the two internationally famous musicians, a paradigm of untouchable values ​​for Resident. The one who caught was the Colombian, but the background was leitmotiv of the Puerto Rican’s career: saves honesty, criticizes industry, imperialism and capitalism. The text was ambivalent: in parts a delight, in others fallacious, ad hominem of book Getting wet is complex. This is how the rapper knows Puerto Ricowhose opinions on politics in his country have not cost him a little controversy, the star system music or colonialism in Latin America (see the hit of the same name of Enter those who want).

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Always attached to his roots, even the name of the world-renowned group that he shared with his brothers (Ile and Eduardo Cabra) referred to the neighborhood: 13TH Street. The most famous address in the world. Despite some beginnings focused on the merger of urban music Y caribbean rhythmsCalle 13 would soon cross borders with a sudden hit: Dare-you-you. It was 2006 and at that time they got their first Grammy. They would end up publishing as many albums, increasingly focused on social content, despite the international fame they had achieved. René and his brothers had sucked the social commitment and artistic at home: his mother, Flor Joglar de Gracia, was part of 60’s Theater and belonged to University Independence Youth and his father, Reinaldo Pérez Ramírez, was a labor lawyer, musician and writer. He participated in different international Brigades.

The social commitment of Calle 13

The definitive settlement of these values ​​in the band would take place in multiviral (2014), with the participation of Julian Assange denouncing media manipulation. From then on, Calle 13 stood out for collaborating in campaigns of Unicef either International Amnesty, also defend the rights of indigenous peoples. The gang even invented initiatives like asking the public to donate school supplies for vulnerable people. René’s proclamations and campaigns were increasing, especially in criticism of the american foreign policybut also took care of the artistic references. multiviral has the delicious sun colored eyes with Silvio Rodriguez. During his career with his brothers he collaborated with Café Tacvba, Mala Rodríguez, Tego Calderón, Orishas or Rubén Blades.

With Calle 13, René’s proclamations and campaigns were on the rise, especially in criticism of US foreign policy

After five albums, each member embarks on a solo career. Residente’s focuses on projects that delve into world music, based on his mestizo DNA, such as the self-titled album from 2017. He also publishes singles beside bad bunny or, the most recent, the brave –along with Ibeyi– this is not america. The Puerto Rican has embarked on world tours, like the one he has already brought to Cruilla in 2017, with bandaza and perreo galore, before perreo was something cool. Repeat at the festival this Thursday.

Residente is the king of the Latin Grammys

A successful career that has resulted in 26 Latin Grammys (Ibero-American brothers of the American Grammys) until now. Paradoxes, Residente is the second artist with the most awards, only behind Juan Luis Guerra. But since not only diss -Abbreviation of disrespectas the songs of piques between artists are known – lives the man, Residente’s career has dived in the last three years away from the fights and even from the purely social.

Two songs written during the pandemic left the networks frozen. Twitter stopped being Twitter for a few hours. There was not hate. The feeling was unanimous: impossible not to be moved by Rene either Before the world ends. The first was a minimalist overview of his Biography as an artist and the relationship with his country, without a pamphlet in between. The artist opened up to unheard of points, talking about mental health Y addictions, of longings and contradictions. The second song admitted no deception in the title: for what remains in the convent… An ode to love in the present in times of confinement. Both became musical symbols in the rawest moments of the pandemic. And in proof that the most powerful bar is not always the most cocky, aggressive and often heterosexual.

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Residente, beyond the ‘tiraera’ with Balvin: anti-imperialist, king of Grammys and BSO of the gang…