Ricardo Arjona fired at the Latin Grammys: “It’s surreal”

The world of music, particularly Latin music, has taken different directions in recent years and there were several singers who chose to ride the trends to continue their career. Collaborations between artists became one of the strongest bets in the fight to get more reproductions on the different platforms, as well as the search for that sound that is repeated everywhere.

However, some decided to stay true to their style instead of joining the “fads”. Ricardo Arjona was one of them and made 24 songs in the emblematic Abbey Road studios from London, approaching what he knew how to do and moving away from the demands of music in Spanish. He chose record live, with instruments and equipment from the 60s and without great use of technology. However, despite the fact that more than a million and a half people said they were present at the black and white tourwas not one of those chosen by the Latin Grammys and fired at them forcefully.

With a black and white aesthetic and true to his style, the singer travels the world with his music (Photo: Instagram @ricardoarjona)

Ricardo Arjona has been an independent artist for 12 years. Unlike many Hispanic American singers, she steered her sound away from the “in” and escaped the demands of platforms and musical collaborations. He stood his ground and bet it all on black and whitea musical project of 24 songs recorded in London that was born in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and that shows its essence at its best. However, many in the industry considered it “doomed to fail.”

Although the public chose him and chooses him and so far this year more than a million and a half people saw him on stage as part of his tour black and white, not everyone thinks the same, particularly the Latin Grammys, who did not include it in their list of nominees despite its success. The singer fired at them and was forceful, since he has more nominations for the American Grammys than for the Latin Grammys: “It’s surreal.”

In August, Ricardo Arjona took the Black and White Tour to the Movistar Arena
In August, Ricardo Arjona took the Black and White Tour to the Movistar ArenaGERARDO VIERCOVICH – THE NATION

If the Guatemalan artist always knew something, it is that his works would be his own, and would reflect his imprint and his beliefs. He worked hard, alone and without exposing himself too much. Although the industry did not recognize it, if his public did it, the one that follows him wherever he goes for more than a decade. Today, more than a million and a half people saw him on his tour black and whiteThey sang with him and enjoyed his music.

Within black and white Almost 100 concerts have already been held between Europe and Latin America and it was designated as one of the 20 most powerful tours in the world alongside Coldplay and several more. Although the interpreter of “El amor que me tú” does not play more than once in the same place, the demand of his public is difficult to ignore, so revisiting several of the countries where he has already performed is It became a difficult plan not to fulfill.

But, Black and White is not the only proof that music without special accessories or arrangements can be successful. Their streaming, old fashionedmade in 2021, became one of the three most viewed on the planet and showed that both he and his music are still more alive than ever.


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Ricardo Arjona fired at the Latin Grammys: “It’s surreal”