Rosalía, the first Spanish-speaking female artist to grace the cover of Rolling Stone

rosalia became the first Spanish-speaking female artist to grace the cover of the music magazine rolling stoneswhich dedicates the main report of his January number to him for his album ‘motomami‘.

Titled “How Rosalía became the most intrepid pop superstar”, the article praises the Spaniard’s ability to “resist the pressures of the industry” and, “with chameleonic abilities and a courageous and prescient vision of a world without borders”. , record “one of the boldest albums of 2022”.

“She has been living light years ahead of everyone else, with her mind full of concepts she wants to try and goals she wants to achieve and destinations she wants to reach,” underlines the text, which speaks of her “crystallization as an intoxicating queen of global pop and uninhibited provocateur, pulling from ‘kitsch camp’ to sacrosanct traditions without fear of consequences”.

‘Motomami’ among the best albums of the year, according to Rolling Stone

The report, which can be read both in the Anglo-Saxon edition and in the Spanish version, is the latest show of support for this prestigious and veteran magazine, which included as the fourth best work of the year its ‘motomami‘, behind only Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’, Bad Bunny’s ‘A Summer Without You’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’.

rolling stones He also recently published a text in which he defended that the latest of rosalia it should have been among the candidates for “best album” at the 65th Grammy Awards, which will be nominated in two categories: “best Latin rock, urban or alternative album” and “best long-form music video”.

Most of the internationally prestigious media have ranked ‘Motomami’ among the best of the 2022 music crop, including The New York Times, NME, pitchfork Y Guardian.

Rosalía at the Latin Grammys 2022

Last November, the Spanish rosalia was the big surprise of the night at the 2022 Latin Grammys. His album ‘motomami‘ won the award for best album of the year. A category in which the great favorites were the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny for ‘A summer without you’ and Jorge Drexler for ‘Ink and time’.

The author of ‘El mal querer’ She went up excitedly to the stage of the Michelob Ultra Arena, in Las Vegas (USA), where she confessed that her latest recording project was the one that “I’ve had to fight the most to do.” “It is the one that has cost me the most to do, but that I pushed forward and that has given me the most joy,” she said.

“Thank you for always supporting my music, even though my music is always changing. Thanks to my country for continuing to support me and for not letting me down. Thanks to my family, to God, to the love of my life, baby, I love you,” Indian rosalia while the cameras captured his partner, rauw alejandrowho opened the ceremony of the Latin Grammys 2022 with a presentation.

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Rosalía, the first Spanish-speaking female artist to grace the cover of Rolling Stone