Rosalía, will you make history at the Latin Grammy 2022?

The disco is not the only place where Rosalía could come out this year. New awards season is coming up and the Catalan star could break all kinds of records thanks to his album Motomami. When we thought that the Spanish star had already reached the ceiling with The Bad Want (2018), critics and the public have agreed to acclaim their third LP, leading to mommy to the same record heaven: there where those works that become part of history live.

Rosalía not only has the best album of the year according to Metacritic (beating Beyoncé’s own comeback); she also has the second most listened album on platforms of 2022 (only surpassed by the unbeatable Bad Bunny and his a summer without you). In this way, Rosalía could make history ahead of this awards season.

With the Latin Grammy nominations just around the corner (the list will be revealed next Tuesday, September 20), we make our own pool of the categories in which Rosalía can compete. And yes, it would be a mistake if they didn’t have her in her main ones. The Spaniard has eight Latin Grammys so far, including the best album of the year for The Bad Want in 2019. The same album with which she managed to win the best alternative album of the year at the 2020 Grammys. Quite a feat!

Well, if the members of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the long name of the Latin Grammys) are guided by music critics, Rosalía could make history in this year’s nominations.

And in what categories could Rosalía be nominated? Well, we have made our bets taking into account other editions of the Latin Grammy.

Rosalía: our bet on the Latin Grammy 2022

Rosalía could be nominated again for the academy’s highest award: Best Album of the Year. If this is true, it would be the second time that she would be nominated in this category after The Bad Want. This time he took the statuette home. Taking into account that mommy has been better received by critics than his previous work, this category could be taken for granted.

Yes motomamIf you’re nominated for this category, you’d have to be nominated for Best Pop Album or Best Urban Music Album, depending on which category you entered.

As for the songs, Rosalía could be nominated with Saoko Y Fame in various categories. The safest would be Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Urban Song. In addition, we would not be surprised if the Spanish star also applies with Saoko for the best video clip of the year. A category that she has already won thanks to the video of TKN.

But it is not the only song that could receive nominations for mommy. cupcake Y hentai could surprise in the categories of best reggaeton song and best alternative song. Prettyalong with Tokischa, could also surprise and appear in one of these two categories.

We will have to wait until Tuesday, September 20, to see if our predictions come true and Rosalía ends up making history at the awards. The gala will be held on November 17 in Las Vegas.

Taking into account the good reception of Motomami, Rosalía could also appear in several categories of the Grammy. It should be remembered that in 2020 the Spanish star won the award for Best Alternative Album. will be nominated mommy?

Be that as it may, it seems that Rosalía is going to make history in the 2022-2023 awards season.

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Rosalía, will you make history at the Latin Grammy 2022?