Ryan Castro talks about the success of “Jordan” on Tik Tok, his opinion on J Balvin and what a Latin Grammy would mean for his career

At only 28 years old, the reggaeton singer born in Medellín (Colombia), has been able to take advantage of all the opportunities that life has presented him to make a name for himself in the competitive industry . On this occasion, he arrives in Peru to meet his national fans for the first time. After a long day of touring different Peruvian media that began at 8 in the morning, Bryan Castro Sosa – the artist’s real name – received us last Thursday in a small hotel room in San Isidro. Visibly tired, the reggaeton player does not lose his “spark” and continues to laugh with his work team for a video that he has just recorded for social networks. Because that’s the life of an artist.

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Returning to seriousness for the interview, Ryan Castro poses for a few photos and then sits in front of the camera, ready for all the questions. After welcoming him back to Peru, the singer relaxes and emphasizes the affection he has received from his national fans.

“Super nice. I have enjoyed everything from the first moment I arrived, they have treated me with great respect. It is very valuable to me. I wanted to visit Peru for a while”he says in an interview with Trade. Likewise, he tells us that, in just his first day, he has already tried typical dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado and causa.

Entering music, the Colombian reggaeton singer confesses that he has been in the industry for more than 10 years and discovered his passion during his childhood when he watched rapper movies and documentaries. When I was in school I watched movies about 50 Cent, Eminem, Daddy Yankee. Those artists’ films were what I liked. I became very curious about graffiti, dancing, fashion. Then I became more interested in singing.he assures.

Ryan Castro discovered his passion for music by seeing examples like Daddy Yankee. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo for El Comercio) / Lenin Thaddeus

The first single that Ryan Castro released as a professional was “Morena” in 2017, and over the years, the Colombian has become more relevant on the scene. Thus, at the beginning of October, he premiered “Ave María” together with producer SOG. But, the job has been coming for almost three months. They both met in the studio and began to compose. The result? “Ave Maria”.

“He had the track already made and we recorded it (the lyrics). About a week later, I went on a trip to the United States and wanted to make the video for that song. I was given the opportunity to do it in New York, to share it with people on the street and I think that was what made the song more interesting as well; not only not only the theme as such, but the video”he added.

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And just to clarify, “Ave María” is a song that is not related to religion at all; but on the contrary, it highlights an expression that is very common to hear in the streets of Medellín. “We use (the phrase) as ´Ave María, yes it is very rich´; We use it for many things and the theme says ´problems in the neighborhood, Ave María´. It is an expression that we use a lot in Medellín, but it has nothing to do with religion.”he says between laughs.

Make fame for Tik Tok

But, if there is a song that truly reminds you of Ryan Castro, it has to be “Jordan”. Released on May 8, 2021, this single accumulates more than 346 million views on YouTube and another 312 million views on Spotify. This ‘lucky break’, in the words of the Colombian himself, is the result of his efforts.

´Jordan´ is one of the most important songs that my career has, because most people who just know me not only identify me with the song, but with the Jordan (sneakers) as such. There are young people right now who say ´I bought the Jordans because of Ryan´s song´. So, it has been very positive for me because they already associate me with a brand, with a style of dress”highlights.

1666986465 829 Ryan Castro talks about the success of Jordan on Tik

But, he also recognizes that social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram have played a fundamental role in making “Jordan” go viral and thousands of people share it and create choreographies. “The song was born (in a) natural way. I recorded it because it was a ´freestyle´, improvising in the studio (…) I did not direct the song there (success), nor did I consider making a Tik Tok so that everyone would do it. It was something that happened super naturally. It is a blessing that people enjoy itaccurate.

Likewise, it specifies that these digital platforms are helping today’s artists; although, he emphasizes that it could be considered a ‘double-edged sword’. “Networks have their pros and cons, because I say that reggaeton artists and anyone who uses those platforms has to know how to use them, because they can also play against them.”.

Your song "Jordan" accumulates more than 600 million reproductions on Spotify and YouTube. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo for El Comercio)
His song “Jordan” accumulates more than 600 million views on Spotify and YouTube. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo for El Comercio) / Lenin Thaddeus

The link between artists, now more than ever, is very important to keep, in the words of Ryan Castro, the genre alive. “Making collaborations with new artists would be the most important thing, but not only to keep us (current) and to keep the genre as such current, although there are strategies for the artist to keep the game “he emphasizes.

To make a ‘featuring’, he emphasizes that there must be a good vibe among those involved. “Sometimes songs are made just for business. In my case it hasn’t happened to me, but there are songs that I’ve seen that put a lot of money into them or a song is made for business and nothing happens. I say that the vibe that runs in the studio with other artists is the most important thing”. Although, he also did not rule out that, at some point, he would make a single for business, because that is how the industry moves.

“Made in Medellin”

During these years, Ryan Castro has seen his childhood dream come true: to become a great artist. He has had as references Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Jowell y Randy, Arcángel and De la Ghetto. And, thanks to them, he is also making a career to become a reference in the history of reggaeton.

I think that at that moment I am already being (example) in many young people from neighborhoods who follow the style of Ryan Castro and who follow my career. What I have done has helped them a lot, but obviously the idea is to continue to grow and leave a mark, to show the youth of the neighborhood that it is possible to get ahead”he pointed.

Therefore, when asked what it would mean to receive a Latin Grammy, awarded by the Latin Recording Academy, the Colombian reggaeton singer confesses that it would be a trophy for the good work he has been doing. If you work well with effort and discipline, you have your reward and I say that the prizes and the shows are completely full, it is always the prize for the artist and his team who are doing a good job..

But this race would not be the same without the support among compatriots. If Puerto Rico is considered ´the cradle of reggaeton´, well now Colombia is doing its thing to stand out in the genre with national artists. J Balvin, Karol G and Maluma are just some of the current examples that were also born in Medellín and shine with their own light. For them, Ryan Castro feels great admiration.

“They are super good people, a lot of teaching. They are very hard-working people, very disciplined. I learned from them that success doesn’t come overnight, that it requires a lot of work. We have a very good relationship, and the most important thing is that apart from music, it is to have communication and be able to learn”he clarified.

Ryan Castro and J Balvin collaborated on “Nivel de Perro”, and, therefore, it is not surprising that the admiration is mutual, since last night -during the concert that J Balvin gave at the Arena Peru in Lima- Bryan was present at the stage to sing “Jordan”.

A new album?

In August of this year, Ryan Castro released his first EP “Reggaetonea” with seven songs: “Q´ Hub Baby”, “Womaniego”, “Mírate bien”, “Prende y Apaga”, “Niña de Mis Sueños”, “Clásico ” and “One Night Love”. This broke records in the industry, positioning itself as the eighth most listened to debut album in the world during the first days of release.

“Reggaetonea” is Ryan Castro's first EP, where he shows why he is one of the most relevant reggaeton artists today. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo for El Comercio)
“Reggaetonea” is Ryan Castro’s first EP, where he shows why he is one of the most relevant reggaeton artists today. (Photo: Lenin Tadeo for El Comercio) / Lenin Thaddeus

Given this, Ryan Castro could not remain calm and confirmed that his first album will arrive in 2023; but, before the end of the year we will hear a couple of new songs. “I think that this end of the year I finish giving a few touches to some songs (from the album). By 2023, the album of the Ghetto Singer arrives”.

Peruvian welcome

The reason that brought him to Peru, in addition to his desire to get to know our country, is basically work related. During this last weekend of October, Ryan Castro will make a mini tour through different cities. This Friday the 28th he will perform in Piura, on Saturday the 29th in Trujillo and on Sunday the 30th of October in Chiclayo.

But, the main event will take place at the Sexy Halloween Festival in the Plaza Arena of the Jockey Club of Peru, located in the district of Santiago de Surco. In Ryan Castro’s repertoire, he assures, there will be songs like “Jordan”, “Womaniego”, “Monastery”, “Lejanía”, “Malory”, “Wasa, wasa” and “Amor de una noche”.

“The idea is to try to share as much as possible, to do the concerts, for people to enjoy them and hoping to come back too (…) I hope that people have a good time (in Sexy Halloween), that they enjoy themselves, that they know the new songs and the old ones too. Enjoy it with all my team that our first time here in Peruended.

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Ryan Castro talks about the success of “Jordan” on Tik Tok, his opinion on J Balvin and what a Latin Grammy would mean for his career