She is 95 years old, is a great-grandmother and can win as “Best New Artist” at the Latin Grammys

To fulfill dreams there is no age. You just need the desire and preparation. Angela Alvarez, a 95-year-old Cuban, was nominated as “Best New Artist” at the next awards ceremony Latin Grammy. His grandson’s idea was important to get his grandmother to have her record work.

Beyond the album, Angela has a documentary, a role in a Hollywood movie, and the important nomination. She has lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the United States, for several decades, where she came Accompanying her husband for work. On November 17, the grandmother will be surrounded by great figures of the industry in Las Vegas. Bad Bunny is the one that appears in the main categories with a total of 10 nominations.

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“I loved music very much. When I was a child, I had two aunts who played the piano and taught me to sing. Whenever there was a family gathering, I was the artist; They made me dresses and I always liked acting, ”she told the magazine Billboard.

When he finished school, his father asked him what he wanted to continue studying. Angela’s response was to continue with the music. “I wanna Be singer, but he replied: ‘No. You sing for the family, but not for the world. I loved him very much and I obeyed him, I did not stress, “he said. He put passion aside and dedicated himself completely to his family. She had four children and is a grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of 15. But music was always close and accompanied her in the most difficult moments, such as the death of a daughter or that of her husband, both of cancer.

“I think that music is the language of the soul”, Angela argued. In all her years, the “new artist” composed about 50 songs such as “Romper el yugo”, “Añoranzas”, “Mi gran amor” and “Camino sin direction”. All of them are part of her self-titled debut album, released last year, which has 15 tracks.

The fundamental role of his grandson

Carlos José Alvarez, a professional composer and producer based in Los Angeles, grew up listening to his grandmother’s songs. He felt the need to leave a record of this important material. A family legacy.

I didn’t know there were so many, I had no idea. And when I got back to Los Angeles that’s when I clicked and I called her and said ‘Do you want to do this?’ She first told me ‘I’m not going to Los Angeles! For what?’ And I say: ‘To record your album!’ And she’s like, ‘OK, I’m coming!’” Carlos recalled in an interview with Billboard.

The musician said that during a trip to Spain, he returned to the idea thanks to a producer friend. “Are you waiting for him to die? Whatever you need, let’s do it,” he told her.

Angela was surprised by the Latin Grammy nomination. “It was a very big impact but very nice.. Then I thought that all my dreams came true. At 95, but it doesn’t matter.”

His grandson hopes this project will inspire young people to sit down and talk to their elderly relatives and ask about their dreams. “You will be surprised at what you discover. If we don’t ask, they won’t tell us, and their wisdom and dreams will go with them,” he concluded.

Angela with her grandson (Photo: Billboard/Bryony Shearmur).

Which Argentines were nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022

The most nominated Argentine artists are: Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso and Facundo Yalve (producer popularly known as Evlay) in four categories; Fito Páez, WOS and producer Nico Cotton in three categories.

Nicki Nicole dressed in black and white for her Lollapalooza show. (Photo: Wheat Gerardi).
Nicki Nicole dressed in black and white for her Lollapalooza show. (Photo: Wheat Gerardi).By: WheatGerardi

Also nominated are Bizarrap, María Becerra, Babasónicos, Knowing Russia, Sofía Campos, Marilina Bertoldi, Eruca Sativa, He Killed a Motorized Police Officer and Catriel.

Marc Anthony, Nicky Jam, Sin Bandera, Rauw Alejandro, Sebastián Yatra, Jesse & Joy, Chiquis and Marco Antonio Solís will be on stage at the long-awaited celebration of the best of Latin music.

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She is 95 years old, is a great-grandmother and can win as “Best New Artist” at the Latin Grammys