Silvana Estrada expects greater visibility after winning the Latin Grammy for New Artist

Silvana Estrada, winner of Latin Grammys 2022 What Best New Artistends the year sharing his music in the Metropolitan Theater. What will allow her to join her musical universe to her friends, as well as her colleagues who helped her forge herself in her trade.

The experience of being recognized by her peers, with an international award, resulted for the veracruz artist a surprise and at the same time a “very strong” experience.

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“It was an intense week. The fact that I won with Doña Ángela, the 95-year-old Cuban woman with whom I shared the rewardI was 25 years old, I thought it was very beautiful, and wonderful”.

silvana considered that the grammy It is a fair recognition of your work. “I have always been a hard worker, I like working with the music and for what I believe. What follows is to follow that path, perhaps now with a little more visibility, which carries a responsibility ”.

The interpreter of I will know how to forget says that she is now living a new stage in her professional life. “I feel like being an example of dedication, a dignified life, a happy life, especially for the girls of this country, I come from a community where violence hits hard. violenceI think it’s nice to be an incentive, to tell the story of someone who dared to dream and little by little is fulfilling his purposes,” he explained to The Sun of Mexico.


The singer-songwriter he recalled his experience again the night he won the Latin Grammy . “I went up on stage with a blank mind, I said a few words that I hadn’t rehearsed, then they took me to a little room to be interviewed, I told them that it means a lot to me and that I should have time to process it and then at the party I did. I processed and danced everything that made me happy. I celebrated and celebrated and celebrated a ton,” she said with a smile.

Upon arriving in Mexico, he wanted to do a collective celebration. “I celebrated with my parents, with my friends and close people, in the end, it is a recognition, I feel like the Mexican teamIt’s like my whole family won, my whole community, the people I meet on the street, tell me: ‘Congratulations, Silvana’, ‘we won, yes we did win, I answer them.’

“I feel that there is a beautiful thing with the community of sharing dreams with the people who follow me, with the people who love me and I love them. It is the most beautiful thing of all, to feel that this award involves many more people apart from my team”.


Silvana Estrada will be presented on December 7 and February 16 noise and silence in the Metropolitan Theater. “Each show is going to be very special, they are shows of many months of work, they go with new songs, more music from the EP witheredfrom the EP Hug, and covers.

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“What is going to be celebrated are the songs, there is going to be a little journey of work and composition in which I have been involved with the people I love and love, it is going to be a party and I want to repeat it in 2023 in different cities ”.

The Veracruz woman is already preparing a new disk, which he hopes to share with the public within a year. “I am addicted to doing only what I like. I like to create my songs at home, in silence, with my instruments. There are days that I sleep and early mornings that I write or vice versa and the most likely thing is that in the first three months of 2023 I will finish doing it”.

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Silvana Estrada expects greater visibility after winning the Latin Grammy for New Artist