Sofia Campos returns to Puebla after being nominated for the Latin Grammy

Born in Argentina, with a growth in Brazil and with an artistic development in Mexico, she is the singer and composer Sophie Campos who recently received the nomination to win a Latin Grammy in the category Best New Artist in this 2022 and this Thursday will have concert in Puebla.

In 2018 he released his first EP called Orange Rose and after his album entitled save the fire “I feel that I am a singer who is characterized by the cultural mixture of the three countries where I have lived, I feel that the fusion is reflected in the music, in addition to I am very transparent with my lyrics, that is how I define myself as an artist”, the artist tells El Sol de Puebla.

During November of last year, he released his second album Lugares Imaginarios, which consists of 10 songs, one of them in collaboration with Natalia Laforucade “It is an album that are songs that I wrote during the pandemic, it was something very nice, we have the collaboration of Natalia, this LP is a dream, it is a pleasure.”

The single with Lafourcade is called Verde Nocturno, and tells how the rapprochement with the Mexican singer was. “I have admired her for a long time since I started singing, so it was a dream I had and I just ran into her in a march for Women’s Day, I told her my admiration, we passed our numbers and when I wrote this song I said that It would be perfect for her and I proposed it to her and she kindly said yes, so it was a great honor”, he expressed.

A week ago he released his new single those mysteries “It’s the first preview of my new music, it’s the first we’re going to get from what’s coming, just this Wednesday the video will be released, it’s very nice, I’m very happy because it came out in a very special week for me,” she said. .

And it is just moments after its premiere that Sofia was nominated to win a Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category. “It was very exciting, I did not expect it, you go out to make music, you go out to play and suddenly someone from outside comes and recognizes you, it is like realizing that all the work and effort has been worth it (…) it is a luxury and a huge surprise, she said excitedly.

Within this category there will also be artists such as Silvana, Estrada, Pol Granch and Nabàlez “With the nomination I already won, the rest will be anecdote, I am happy for what is happening to me and it gives my project more visibility, we will go little by little,” he added.

Lived in Puebla

A few days ago he started an intimate tour in which he plans to visit different parts of the Mexican Republic and will play in The Brief Space of Puebla this Thursday, September 29 “(…) we will give a musical tour of what we have, this is very nice, it is very transparent, it is a very special show because I lived in Puebla for three and a half years in Cholula, it will be very nice to return”.

Emphasizing how much this show means since it was here since 2018 and went to CDMX in 2021 “I’m dying to come again, it will be a very special show, and seeing the people who saw me for the first time, this was the first time I sang, and I heard my lyrics chanted, so I’m dying to go with this evolution ”, finished.

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Sofia Campos returns to Puebla after being nominated for the Latin Grammy