Spread LOF: From a waiter at the Panda Club in Madrid to winning two Latin Grammys 2022

“I get this news in Monterey, and I’m still taking it in, my first @latingrammys nominations and I’m happy. How rewarding it is to look back and see all the times I wanted to leave this and didn’t., all the people who trusted me, even if I didn’t. Love to each and every song that brought me here!! Congratulations to all the nominees and to those who are not and do not give up, especially the second! Thank my God!! Thanks life!! Thank you music!!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”. These were the words of Manuel Lorente learning that he had four nominations in the Latin Grammys 2022 as part of the songwriting team Sebastian Yatra.

He attended the gala with another Spaniard, Juanjo Monserrat. Both are part of the composition team of Red high heels, the song that Sebastián Yatra has given them so much joy. One more pride for Spain that, he has had more winners than rosalia in this gala

“I’m in Las Vegas, surrounded by colleagues I admire and respect, and some of the family I’ve made along the way. Thank God, the universe and this life that touched me, because I did not choose it 😂♥️”. she shared hours prior to the gala.

A story of effort

Manuel Lorente, whom friends call LOF and whose stage name is LOF-spread, can now boast of having managed to win two Latin Grammys as a composer. One for best pop song and the other for best pop vocal album for Dharma. So far, Manuel has signed up to eight songs by the Colombian.

But not only work with him. He has become one of the essential composers of Latin music. He signs songs like crazy from Reik Y rauw alejandro, dreamy child from J Balvin, double sided from Archangel, Of everything from blessed, Happy from mike bay, daggers from flatten either schemes from Becky G. The pandemic caught him with Medellín (Colombia) and it was a very fruitful period for him.

He is reaping the fruits of many years of work and dedication to music. At only 9 years old he was already rapping in the park and admired artists like Notorious BIG. He has always been surrounded by artists. His mother was an actress and singer and his father worked at the SGAE. Brother of felix clain and grandson of the teacher Freirecomposer of the famous couplet 12 bells has my horse. She finally crossed paths with the Colombian composer bull babyco-founder of the legendary production house and recording studio Infinity Music.

And it has not been an easy road, in fact, it was working as a waiter at the Panda Club in Madrid until 2020. In the world of nightlife, they fought to hire him because he was the best in everything he proposed. From there he has made the leap to Las Vegas and it has not been that long.

in just three years

He started on January 1, 2020 by receiving a platinum record made by a friend who gave it to him as an invisible friend. “We celebrate it as if it were real, because for us it was. On the back he put, ‘the first of many’ at that time he only had one song on the street and They trusted me when I didn’t”, he shared.

This past May, after 9 months working abroad, I returned home with another platinum record, but this time for real. Three years of work that have radically changed his life. I no longer work at the Panda Club but they still love him as if he were one of their own and they couldn’t be more proud of his achievements.

This year he has also spent a lot of time outside. He has not stopped releasing his own songscompose for others and share profound reflections on their social networks because if there is something that we are clear about, it is that writing is what they are.

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Spread LOF: From a waiter at the Panda Club in Madrid to winning two Latin Grammys 2022